White Dolphin by Gill Lewis ( Summary of Chapter 17-18)

Summary of the chapter: 17

The dolphin appears on the surface and a blast of wet breath fills the air. Kara takes a sigh of relief to see her alive. The dolphin watches Kara and her tail flukes flap the shallow water. The baby dolphin stares at Kara as if she is analyzing just who she is and what is she going to do. Kara has been dreaming of rescuing a dolphin for ages and now when she has a dolphin to rescue, her mind is totally blank.  The Dolphin’s skin is dry and hard. Kara covers its body with seaweed in order to prevent dehydration. Kara examines its wounds. She scoops water with her hands and let it trail across her wounds. She taps her fingers on her side to stop her from dozing off. Suddenly she notices someone stumbling through the shallow waves. 

Summary of the chapter: 18

Felix arrives with his dad and is surprised to see Kara with a baby dolphin. Kara briefs him about the situation and they both crouch down beside the dolphin to examine her. Mr Andersen tries to call the rescue team but the signals are weak. He then decides to call Carl to rescue the dolphin. Meanwhile, Felix and Kara scoop water and run their hands along the dolphin’s skin. Felix informs Kara that they have got a dinghy through cerebral palsy charity. It’s specially designed for Paralympics. 
Mr Andersen and Kara’s dad arrive with Carl and Greg. Carl was her mum’s marine Biology student and Greg is a member of the divers’ team. The baby dolphin is dehydrated so Carl decides to inject her some fluids by the stomach tube. They come to a conclusion that the dolphin should be kept in a proper place for a thorough medical check-up. 


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