White Dolphin Character sketches (Miss Penluna, Dougie Evans)

 White Dolphin (Character sketches)

Dougie Evans

Dougie Evans is one of the major characters of the novel “White Dolphin” written by Gill Lewis. He plays the role of an antagonist. He is a rich businessman who owns fishing trawlers. He fishes on the larger scales without taking care of rules and regulations. He had two sons but unfortunately, he lost his eldest son in an accident. He hates Kara’s family because he believes Kara’s mother was directly involved in the accident. His youngest son, Jake bullies Kara and humiliates her whenever possible. 
 Dougie employs a lot of people in his fishing fleet. He wants to get the ban on dredging in the harbour lifted so that he could make more money easily. He is a greedy man who wants to hunt every animal from the sea. He is selfish and doesn’t care about the environment being damaged on a broader scale. He is a sugar-toothed man and can easily fool innocent people with his fancy words. He is harsh and intolerable as he insults his employees. 
                                            He had a complete personality transformation when his only son Jake was about to lose his life. He became a nice fellow and re-employed Daisy’s father and other workers. He also offered a job to Kara’s father as well which he politely refused. It seems that he has become a kind and gentle fellow. Hopefully, he might take action to conserve marine life.

Ms Penluna

Ms Penluna is one of the major characters of the novel “White Dolphin” written by Gill Lewis. She plays the role of a protagonist. She is also known as the “Bird Lady”. She lives in an old small cottage away from the main residential area. People have a lot of misconceptions about her personality. 
She is weak and bony with claw-like fingers. She has rather very untidy attire with a peculiar expression on her wrinkled face. Since she is completely misjudged by the people, she prefers to stay away from them as much as possible. Some people believe she could talk to spirits. They come to her to convey messages to their dead ones. Some people claim that she tortures birds inside the drainpipes in her house. In reality, she is an animal rescuer and visits the rescue centre to take care of wounded animals. She advised Kara to listen to dolphins to find any clue about her mother’s absence. She appears to be harsh and arrogant but in fact, she is humble, modest and sympathetic.  She is completely harmless and innocent. She is particularly polite with Kara and answers her questions with great affection.
                                     Ms Penluna is a mysterious character who is misunderstood by most of people. Her fondness towards animals shows that she has a loving heart.


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