Brother in the land – Act 1 – Scene 3

Scene 4: The Kershaw Farm. The rumours are true about  Mary and Mrs Troy. There is now a defence team in place to help out civilians. Civilians are protected from natural and man-made disasters by the “Civil Defense Team.”

The Civil Defense Team’s setup demonstrates that bombs are a serious issue and that the general public is unaware of private matters. The medical officer, Renton, is giving the army members a serious lecture on how to survive radiation, how to get supplies, how to go outside, etc. Strangely, the CDT only keeps themselves informed of these demonstrations. Wouldn’t they have told the residents if they wanted the rest of the town to survive? This demonstrates that they are only concerned with their own survival and have no regard for the wellbeing of other people. CDT are cowards and value their own lives over others. The lights suddenly go out, and a siren sounds as this conversation continues. When the warning siren sounds, it is evident that bombs are approaching.

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