Brother In The Land Summary (Act IV Scenes 1-4)

Brother In The Land Summary (Act IV Scene 1)

Background Information: Mike, Ben, and Maureen are seated together.


Maureen and Mike start speculating about Kim and Danny being romantically involved. Though Mike claims that it is not their age, they believe that Kim loves Danny. Mike and Maureen beg their sister Kim to let them save Danny from the cruel hands of Kershaw Farm, but Kim declines. Branwell suddenly walks in, bringing Danny and Craig along, but they are both seriously hurt. Kim feels so bad for Danny and is certain that soldiers are to blame for what they have done. Mrs. Troy adds that when they were looking for a well, Danny saved their lives. There were Goths all around the well. After that, Danny introduces Branwell. When Ben and Danny’s shop was raided, Branwell was the one who gave them protection. After that, Danny introduces Rhodes, explaining that he enjoys murdering defenseless people. To give Kim and Danny some privacy, everyone exits. Danny explains how he was on the verge of passing away when Kim inquires about the present circumstances at the farm. Surprisingly, he seemed completely at ease as he described how close he had come to passing away. Danny claims that he was happy to pass away since he was happy to see his parents. However, they end up fighting as a result of Kim trying to ask him more questions about the situation at the farm.


Brother In The Land Summary Of (Act IV Scene 2)

Background Information: The scene sets at Kershaw farm. The setting is the Kershaw farm. While sick people are laboring in the fields, Sergeant Griffiths is keeping an eye on things. Mrs. Norton, a worker, falls over, and her husband and two kids rush over to aid her.


When Mrs. Norton passes out, Mr. Norton runs to Griffiths to get medical assistance, but Griffiths refuses. Griffiths asks him to hold off till the sun comes up. Griffiths opposes Dumperton’s request to release them. When asked about his wife, Dumperton replies that she left him. Mrs. Norton passes away in the meanwhile. Grieving greatly, Mr. Norton holds Griffiths responsible for the passing of his wife. This scene suggests that the CDT might actually be purples.


Brother In The Land Summary Of (Act IV Scene 3)

Background Information: The scene sets at Kershaw farm. Renton is talking to Maureen and Mike. 


When Renton inquires about Maureen and Mike’s residence, they respond that they have been traveling like gypsies. They wish to settle down peacefully because they are now sick of moving. Hearing this, Renton invites them to work on the farm. Renton also warns them it usually gets too cold at the farm. Maureen and Mike are surprised to hear that they are still trying to grow the crops. Later, Renton briefs them about councilor Finch who is in charge of the farm and Walker is the second in command. He informs them that she likes to get rid of people for some vicious purposes. 


Brother In The Land Summary Of (Act IV Scene 4)

Background Information: The MASADA team is analyzing Danny’s capture. They make an effort to jog his memory of the specifics of the key locations on the Kershaw farm. They can use this information to plan their upcoming assault.


Rhodes is laying out a complex strategy for breaking into Kershaw’s farm. The crew had only planned the attack up until they were outside the gates. Danny now starts to remember his own internal map of the place. Rhodes keeps interrupting him in an attempt to establish his superiority in combat knowledge, but Branwell quickly silences him.

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