Main Idea Of White Dolphin – 2023

“White Dolphin” is an adventure story with an ecological theme, following the journey of Kara, a girl who cares deeply about the environment. Kara, who lost her mother during a mission to recover dolphins, uses her attempts to save a newborn albino dolphin to help her cope with her mental trauma. The story takes place in a fishing town in Cornwall, England, which is struggling economically due to overfishing and the degradation of marine habitats.

When Kara discovers the baby dolphin caught in discarded fishing nets, she collaborates with her friend Felix, veterinary professionals, and the dolphin’s mother to free it. 

The misery of this baby dolphin intensifies the community’s discussion about the state of the marine environment. It causes a series of events that may save the coral reef in the area from being damaged by the proposed dredging.

Through the story, children can learn the importance of preserving and safeguarding the natural environment. The author aims to instill a sense of responsibility in kids toward conservation efforts.

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