The Valley Of Fear (Questions/Answers)

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Q. How did Holmes and Watson decode the code language used in the message sent by Fred Porlock?

Sherlock Holmes and his trusty sidekick Watson were on the case, deciphering a tricky code language using the tried-and-true technique of ciphered messages.

Cross-referencing the numbers with specific words on a particular page uncovered a shocking secret message hidden in an Almanac. The nefarious murderer wanted to draw attention to the heinous crime they had committed. How cunning, yet how careless!

Q. Why do you think Douglas didn’t bother to hide his brand?

McMurdo had an arduous task ahead of him when he arrived in Vermissa Valley as a Pinkerton detective. His mission was to take down the notorious Moriarty organization. But to do that, he had to go undercover as a member of the Ancient Order Of Freemen and pretend to be a professional gangster.

It wasn’t easy, but he eventually earned the trust of Lodge leader McGinty and was welcomed as a member. As per lodge laws, he was branded, leaving a permanent reminder of his commitment to the cause. All of this was to protect the innocent people of Vermissa Valley and put an end to the deadly crimes committed by the Moriarty gang. Douglas, also known as McMurdo, is a true hero.

Q. How does Doyle create suspense in the play script’s first two scenes (Act 1)?

Arthur Conan Doyle, the master of mystery, knows how to create suspense like no other. In this thrilling scene, we find ourselves on a fast-moving train with a motley crew of characters – scowrers, innocent miners, and a young man named McMurdo. The tension rises as the scowrers confront McMurdo, but he shows them he’s not to be messed with by brandishing his gun right in front of two police officers who happen to be on the train.

The twist comes when McMurdo reveals he’s actually a member of the Ancient Order of Freemen and the scowrers and shakes hands in a sign of respect. But things take a turn when the cops try to intervene, and McMurdo angrily tells them to mind their own business. The drama continues at Shafter’s lodge when a ruthless gangster named Baldwin tries to force Ettie to go out with him, but she stands her ground and politely refuses.

Q. Who are the Scowrers? What sort of reputation do they have and why?

Scowrers are the gangsters working In Professor Moriarty’s organization. They are ruthless, dangerous, and cunning. They do crime after crime and are never caught, as no witness dares to give any statement against them during the trials in court. In Vermissa Valley, scowrers are a symbol of danger and harassment.

McGinty is the boss of the scowrers in Vermissa Valley and is known as the Bodymaster. Innocent residents loathe them and try to keep a distance between them and the lodge 341. McGinty influences the entire valley and kills whoever turns against the freemen. 

Q.McGinty and the scowrers were plotting against James Stranger. Why did they want to teach a lesson to James?

James Stanger is a highly esteemed newspaper editor affiliated with ‘Heralds’ who takes pride in his honesty and bravery. He is a staunch advocate of peace and stability and often writes articles that expose the atrocities committed by criminal organizations with impunity. Though he refrains from mentioning names, his articles serve as a call to action for law enforcement agencies to bring these criminals to justice.

However, his boldness has not gone unnoticed by the notorious McGinty, who sees Stanger’s articles as a direct threat to his criminal enterprises. In response, McGinty dispatches his most trusted associates to teach Stanger a harsh lesson that will discourage him from writing against them ever again.        

Q. What was the punishment for breaking the code of secrecy? Why did Harraway inform McMurdo about it?

Example# 1: It’s no secret that breaking the code of secrecy is a grave offense. In fact, the punishment for such a transgression is instant and inevitable death. Harraway warned McMurdo of this consequence when he was being branded. This way, McMurdo was fully aware of what he was getting into. Whenever a new member is brought into the society, McGinty makes it crystal clear what the laws are, leaving no room for anyone to even think about breaking them.

Example# 2: It is of utmost importance to adhere to the code of secrecy within the organization, as any breach of this code results in an instantaneous and inescapable death. This was made clear to McMurdo by Harraway during his branding so that he would fully understand the gravity of the situation. When new members are brought into the society by McGinty, he takes great care to thoroughly explain the laws and regulations to prevent any potential violations. It is imperative that all members of the organization fully comprehend the severity of breaching the code of secrecy and the consequences that follow.

Q. What is the relationship like between Holmes and Watson?

The dynamic duo of Holmes and Watson is genuinely captivating. Watson holds Holmes in high esteem and is always on his side, even when he disagrees with Holmes’s peculiar methods. He’s there to ask the right questions, clarify, and document their thrilling adventures. Watson also mediates between Holmes and those who don’t fully comprehend him. Although Holmes can be dismissive at times, in this novel, he’s incredibly supportive and nurturing towards Watson. While he may not divulge everything on his mind, Holmes trusts Watson above all others.

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