White Dolphin By Gill Lewis Summary Chapters (15-16)

 White Dolphin By Gill Lewis Summary Chapters (15-16)

Summary Chapter 15

Mrs Andesen is waiting for Mr Andersen and Felix on the harbour wall. Felix’s face shines with excitement, and he gives a thumbs up to his mom. He looks an entirely different person. Kara and her dad tidy up Moana and anchor the boat. Kara asks her dad if Mr Andersen is serious in buying Moana or not. He says that he will inform after discussing it with his wife. They reach home in the evening tired and sunburnt. Mr Andersen calls Kara’s dad to inform him that they are not willing to buy Moana.

Summary Chapter 16

Kara is sitting in Mrs Carter’s office repairing the Bible. She apologises Mrs Carter for damaging the Bible. Mrs Carter tells her politely that she is aware of Kara’s domestic issues, but school management cannot tolerate violence. She warns Kara that if she did this again, she would be excluded from school. Mrs Carter tells Kara a story about a man who dreams he is talking to God along a beach. Kara is not at all interested in her stories. Instead, she wants to rush to the beach to see the dolphins. Finally, she is allowed to leave her office. She runs outside of the school straight to the harbour. She reaches the cove and observes something different in the water. The blue-grey body of dolphin twists and turns in the shallow water. Kara runs towards her. There is another dolphin in the water rushing at the shore. She is the mother dolphin trying to reach her calf. The calf has deep scratches, dark with blood, all over her back. She doesn’t move or blink. Kara moves closer to her and sees a fishing net around her lower jaw.

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