Essay on “A True Muslim”

Essay on “A True Muslim”

      “A true Muslim is one from whose hands and tongue the others are safe.”

(Hazrat Muhammad S.A.W)

The follower of Islam is called a Muslim. A Muslim is a person who embraces Islam by saying the Kalima Tayyiba wholeheartedly. He has a keen belief that Allah is one and there is no God except him and Muhammad (S.A.W) is His last Apostle. To be a good Muslim is indeed, a great blessing of Allah. According to the Islamic point of view, a true Muslim is known to be a Mumin. Allah has described the qualities of true Muslims very clearly in Quran.

                     A true Muslim fears from Allah throughout his life and keep worrying about the life hereafter. He keeps himself indulge in such acts that are helpful for his hereafter. He offers prayers regularly and recites Holy Quran with absolute love and dedication. He believes Quran is the ultimate guideline to solve all matters. He believes in the day of judgement and prepares for it.  A true Muslim has regard for his neighbours and relatives. A true Muslim often prays from his Lord:

          “Oh Allah, bless us in this worldly life as well save us from the hellfire in the Hereafter.”

                                    He earns his livelihood through fair means and remains contented with it. He doesn’t bring down his self-respect. He devotes his life to help others in time of need and diversity. He gives alms without showing his noble act to others. He is sincere, true and kind at heart. He wins the hearts of others by his good dealings.

The Holy Quran highlights it as:

         ” Allah loves those who do good to others”.

A true Muslim does not take revenge upon anyone. He never kills or harms his fellow human beings as he knows that Islam does not allow it. Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W) said:

            “He who kills a person kills the whole human beings.”

                                                 A true Muslim is reliable, winsome and faithful. He guides and directs his fellow beings to do the right. He is modest, humble and free from any pride.

                                        “The best amongst you is the one whose manners are the best.”

Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W) has emphasized a lot on physical and mental cleanliness. A person cannot be a true Muslim if he doesn’t take care of his hygiene. A true Muslim knows that all his prayers will be accepted only if he is clean.

          “The cleanliness is half the faith.”     

                 (Hazrat Muhammad S.A.W)

                        A true Muslim seeks knowledge and acts upon it. He knows that knowledge is obligatory in Islam. A true Muslim learns from the lap of his mother to his grave. He gets knowledge to understand the true spirit of Islam. He educates his children well and trains them to become productive citizens. He tries to create a healthy atmosphere in his family. A true Muslim is neither a hoarder nor a spendthrift. He knows how to keep a balance between these two extremes. 

                    A true Muslim always speaks the truth. He takes great care of the rights of his fellow brothers. He treats others with justice. A true Muslim is thankful to Allah for prosperity and shows patience in adversity. He always fulfils his promises. Consideration for others is the main purpose of his life. A true Muslim has the quality that whenever he is told orders of Allah, he listens to them intently and then follows them. In short, A true Muslim follows all the commandments of Allah as mentioned in the Holy Quran. He is always there to help his neighbours and friends.


                                             “A true Muslim is like rain, wherever it falls, it will benefit.

                                               Habib Umar bin Hafiz

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