How to use Past Continuous Tense correctly

Past Continuous Tense

It refers to a continuing action that was happening at some point in the past.

When to use Past Continuous Tense? It is used to describe conditions that occurred in the past.Example:My mom was baking a cake.It can also be used to describe something that was happening continuously in the past when another action interrupted it.Example:I was making dinner when the bell rang.The past Continuous can explain what was happening at a precise time in past.Example:At 7 o’clock I was completing my project.It can be used with verbs that show change or growth. Example:The plants were growing quickly.His English was improving.The structure of Past Continuous TensePositive form (+)subject + BE (was/ were) + Verb-ING: Example: He was going to the mall.The structure of Past Continuous TenseNegative form (-)Subject + BE (was/were) + NOT + Verb-IngExample:She was not receiving the call.The structure of Past Continuous TenseQuestion form (?):BE (was/were) + subject +Verb-INGExample:Why were you shouting?When not to use Past Continuous Tense?We do not normally use the Past Continuous Tense with stative verbs. We use the past simple instead.Example:When I got home, I really needed a hot cup of tea. (NOT ❌was needing❌)

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