Summary of the poem “Daffodils” By William Wordsworth

Summary of the poem “Daffodils” By William Wordsworth

Introduction of the poet:

William Wordsworth was born on April,7,1770 in Cockermouth, Cumberland, England. He is referred to as the Poet of Nature. Much of his poetry resonates with themes of nature. Some of his famous poems include Daffodils, To the Cuckoo, The Two April Mornings, The Solitary Reaper, etc. 

Apparent Meaning of the Poem:

Apparently, the poet wanders and discovers a field of daffodils. The poet thinks that the sight of daffodils is a blessing and a permanent source of pleasure for him. Wordsworth first compares the daffodils with twinkling stars moreover, to the waves of the lake, due to their incomparable beauty. The seen of the daffodils is saved in the memory of the poet that after a few years he can recall these memories in his solitude.

Hidden Meaning of the Poem:

It is a dynamic poem so is the inner meaning. The underlying meaning states that nature has a healing impact on human minds. Daffodils symbolise the beauty of nature and its purity. The dancing powers of the daffodils signify happiness, the persona is yearning to experience one day. Through the personification of the cloud, the poet can express the impact of his loneliness. 


Daffodils is a descriptive, moralistic and thought-provoking poem, gleaned by the pen of William Wordsworth, a great romantic poet. He always found something captivating in the company of nature. He is well-remembered for his eloquence, artistic craft and love of nature.

The poet says that once he was wandering like a lonely cloud. The cloud is a symbol that represents loneliness. Suddenly, as he passed a lake, he noticed a cluster of yellow daffodils waving and dancing in the breeze. Those flowers were growing at the bank of the river. The mesmerizing sight delighted the melancholic soul of the poet and he gazed at these flowers for a long time. 

                “One daffodil is worth a thousand pleasure, then one is too                           few.”

                    William Wordsworth

Wordsworth then goes on to compare these dancing flowers to the twinkling stars that appear at night, far in the milky way. Probably, he wishes to create a resemblance of the way the stars attract us and the impression of the daffodils at the poet’s first sight. The number of stars a person can see in sight is Ten Thousand so there were daffodils in such a big number, that the poet could say, 

                  “Ten thousand saw I at a glance”

h He then compares daffodils to the moving water and waves of the lake. He declares proudly that the beauty of the dancing daffodils clearly eclipsed the beauty of entire Nature around them. The poet finds himself fortunate to have viewed the wondrous scenic beauty:

                      ” I gazed—and gazed—but little thought

Afterwards, whenever he feels vacant or pensive, the memory of those lovely daffodils strikes that inward eye that is the bliss of solitude. Then his heart fills with immense pleasure and dances with the daffodils. Nature and its beauty left an everlasting impression on the poet’s mind. He also feels joyful in the jocund company of those extraordinary daffodils.

                 Some memories are unforgettable, remaining ever vivid and heartwarming!

    Daffodils, a simple flower has been portrayed in magical verses and blended with transcendental romanticism that leaves an everlasting mark in the minds of the readers of the poem.

                  “Allow nature’s peace to flow into you as sunshine flows into trees.” 

    John Muir

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