White Dolphin by Gill Lewis (Questions/Answers) Chapter 8-11


White Dolphin (Questions/Answers)

Chapter 8

Q. How did Daisy respond when she noticed Jake and Ethen making fun of Felix? What does this incident reveal about her personality?

Ans. Kara and Daisy were present at Zagni’s when they spotted Felix arguing with a lady (his mother). Jake and Ethan were also present at the shop. They immediately recognised Felix and made fun of his disability. Daisy was displeased with this humiliating behaviour so she stopped the teasers. Daisy’s instant reaction shows that she is sympathetic, kind and brave. As mentioned in the story she wants the whole world to be her friends. She wants people to give due respect to each other and spread love. 

Chapter 9 

Q.  What was Felix’s reaction when Daisy stopped the bullies from teasing him? Why was Daisy so heartbroken?

Ans. Felix in fact didn’t take the bullies seriously. He doesn’t like any favours or sympathy from anyone. He is a headstrong boy who despite his disability does things on his own. He completely rejected Daisy’s sincere support and told her straight away that he doesn’t require any assistance, favour or sympathy. This response was so devastating that Daisy burst into tears. She dropped her favourite ice cream and ran out of the shop. 

Chapter 10

Q. How did Mr Andersen welcome Jim and Kara? What does this reveal about his personality? 

Ans. He welcomed them with a warm, cordial smile and made them feel at home. He was humble and down to earth. He proved his hospitability by offering them fresh lemonade. His behaviour shows that he is well-mannered, courteous and modest. 

Chapter 11

Q. Why do you think Felix is displeased with his parents’ decision of leaving London? Why does he feel bored in Cornwall?

Ans. Felix opposed the idea of leaving London because life in Cornwall is slow. He used to hang around with his friends in London and enjoyed his life. Here in Cornwall, the internet is so slow that he can’t play his computer games. 

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