What is a Newspaper Report?- format and tips to compose an outstanding report


A newspaper report is a news story that is published in a newspaper. Its purpose is to provide the readers with information about what’s happening around the world. A single newspaper report will usually focus on a specific event that has just happened. Most newspaper reports aim to be neutral and provide information without prejudice. 

Newspaper reports also have a specific structure and important features. For example, they will always have a headline, brief introduction, and main body of the article. They sometimes use images and visuals too for the readers to clearly understand.


Write a proper and creative, crisp and catchy heading related to the story. The title must express the contents of the report in a descriptive manner.


Here we should have the name of the person who is responsible for composing/compiling the report. Keep in mind that you are not allowed to add any personal information.


  • It must be factual, crisp, and succinct. The ‘5 Ws,’ or WHAT, WHY, WHEN, and WHERE, as well as WHO was invited as the main guest, could be included.

Body of Content 

It should have details of the particular event. A good reporter should have thorough research and gather all factual information related to the story. Definitely, the readers would want to know more about the event in detail. Make sure that you keep yourself on the right track so that no irrelevant information is added.


In the conclusion part, the background information of the story is provided. This will stretch a summary of the event’s conclusion. It might contain quotes from the Chief Guest’s address or a summary of the event’s outcome.

Things to Keep in Mind While Writing A Comprehensive Report

  • Write long, effusive sentences telling the story. Get to the core of the matter in both the headline and the body paragraphs. 

  • Sentences should be short and to the point. If you are a student and newspaper report is the part of your syllabus then surely it is a good opportunity for you all to practice changing vocabulary, grammar and punctuation to heighten effects and elucidate meaning.

  • Include the main image that tells your story. It will help your readers to comprehend the event/happening in a better way.

  • Do not use clichés, very tough/challenging vocabulary or superlatives. 

  • A news report should be about something that is happening now or recently befell. Current issues, key events and crimes make good subjects for news reports.

  • The opening paragraph should be concise and elucidate the full story in as few words. Even if readers read no further, they should know what happened.

  • Add quotes because it is advantageous. It brings opinion and expertise into your article and will make the story more stimulating. Quotations should be short and concise.

  • A newspaper report might have plenty of facts. It is advised to confirm from an authentic source that your information is correct. It is important to use reliable sources of information and double-check your facts. 

  • Make sure to proofread for spelling and punctuation errors using a thesaurus and dictionary to check the spelling and meaning of words. Reports should be written in the third person and past tense.

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