Brother In The Land (Character Sketches of Danny and Kim)

Character Sketch Of Danny


The storyline of the play script Brother in the Land centers around a protagonist named Daniel Lodger. Danny is a fifteen-year-old boy who resides in Shipley, a small town, with his parents and his younger brother Ben. He starts to value his family as the play goes along, including his parents, Richard and Mary, and his younger brother Ben.


       Before the town of Skipley was hit by a nuclear bomb, Danny was an ordinary teen, complaining about school and his younger brother. However, he quickly starts to value his family after returning home to realize that he had lost his mother and that his father and brother were sheltering in the cellars. He becomes more independent when Rhodes kills his father without any reason. He takes on the position of Ben’s guardian and carries out all of his duties, including giving the boy food and shelter. He became loving and protective of Ben when he handed him his coat when he was feeling cold. Danny also cautioned Branwell to stay away from his brother when he asked about Ben. He is a good judge of character because he immediately recognizes Rhodes’ evil nature and propensity to injure others. Kim overstated how dismal the circumstance was.

Additionally, when the civil defense team captured him during the ambush and asked him questions regarding MASADA, Danny immediately pretended to be mentally ill and could fool them. This demonstrates his cunning, diplomacy, and persuasive speaking. Griffiths severely beat him, but he still showed observational skills as he studied the inside layout of Kershaw’s farm. He demonstrated his value of human life by preventing Kim from killing Chris. He did not volunteer for the ambush because he believed that innocent people perished in such attacks, stating that “not always the correct individuals get murdered.” He is dependable and devoted because he keeps the MASADA’s secrets to himself. When Kim was in trouble, he helped her out. After aiming a rifle at the Cartwrights, he felt terrible.

                          This demonstrates that he maintained his composure even though individuals were driven to drastic measures during difficult times. One of Danny’s personality traits is shyness and humility, which may be demonstrated by the fact that he was unable to approach Kim for a date or express his affection for her. This demonstrates that Danny has a calm demeanor. He cares for Kim since he gives her support when she feels down because she believes they will never be rescued.

                               This demonstrates his capacity to uplift people and be sympathetic without allowing their spirits to wander.

As a result, Danny could handle challenging situations with maturity and tact. Later in the play, he is portrayed as a Shadow Man to comment on the errors made by historical figures and the terrible circumstances they had to endure due to their shortcomings. This character has motivated me throughout the play script because of his fantastic behavior in dealing with adversity, and his experiences have made him more confident.

Character Sketch Of Kim

Kim plays a feisty fifteen-year-old girl who lives in Skipley with her sister and is one of the protagonists in Robert Swindells’ play script, “The Brother in the Land.” Because of her tomboyish demeanor, she is well-suited to join the MASADA, which stands for the Movement to Arm Skipley against Dictatorial Authority. She is Danny’s friend. However, they weren’t very close before the disaster struck the town. After the nuclear strike, she underwent abrupt personality changes that increased her odds of surviving.


Kim is a strong, independent woman who struggles to get by independently. She fights Chris and Tracey for what she believes is right without holding back, demonstrating her toughness and muscle. She is resilient since she does not give much thought to other people under tense circumstances. She dresses like a tomboy and isn’t concerned about her appearance. She believed she was independent, capable of taking care of herself and prepared to fight like boys. She is persistent, and no one, not even the person she started to feel affection for, Danny, could make her change her mind. On multiple times, Kim has shown to be exceedingly courageous. She asserted that she would rather fight to the death than take no action. She also demonstrated her confidence and directness by asking Danny to ask her out. Kim, according to Danny, is a survivor and a warrior. Even though she was starving, she showed her love by giving Ben her food bowl immediately after the nuclear assault. Kim believed in the survival of the fittest. Kim acted accordingly, being well aware of the challenging times. Resultantly, She was ready to kill anyone there to hurt her, and when Danny asked why she was about to kill Chris, she answered that he would have done the same to her.


Kim makes accurate and direct observations and interpretations of events throughout the play’s script. She is completely capable of making reasonable judgments. Her response to her sister getting married and having a baby was evidence of her foresight. She could predict what the others decided to overlook: the possibility that the baby would be born with defects and deformities. 

Kim is one of the most powerful and beautifully crafted characters. She demonstrated her survival ability and did not allow the nuclear explosion to weaken her will.

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