White Dolphin: Main Idea and Synopsis

What is the main idea of the novel White Dolphin?

One White Dolphin is an ecological adventure story about Kara, a teenager who cares deeply about the environment. Kara’s efforts to save a baby albino dolphin help her get beyond her emotional distress after losing her mother during a dolphin recovery expedition. The story takes place in a fishing village in Cornwall, England. There overfishing and marine habitat degradation has a negative economic impact. Then there is a twist in the story when Kara discovers a newborn dolphin entangled in old fishing netting. She collaborates with her friend Felix and veterinarians to reunite it with its mother. The plight of this baby dolphin intensifies the community’s discussion about the state of the marine environment. It induces events that may prevent the proposed dredging from damaging the nearby coral reef. The author uses the narrative to instruct readers on protecting the environment and how we can do our part.

Synopsis Of White Dolphin

Kara lives in a fishing village in Cornwall with her father, Jim. Kara’s mother is a marine biologist, who disappeared a year ago while on an expedition to the Solomon Islan. Kara is confident that her mother will turn up. This trust is strengthened when she encounters a white dolphin calf, which she interprets as proof that her mother is still alive. Kara’s aunt and uncle have accommodated Kara and Jim but they barely make both end meets.Due to a lack of funds, Jim is forced to sell the Moana. Moana is one of Kara’s final connections to her mother, who has gone missing, so she is very upset about this.

 For Kara, things aren’t going too well. Due to her dyslexia, she receives jeers at school. Her father struggles to find work, and they’re cooped up living with self-righteous Auntie Bev. Kara fractures the nose of Jake, the school bully whose father, Dougie, owns the fishing trawlers where her uncle works. Dougie holds Kara’s mother responsible for his older son’s death, who drowned when fishing above the legal limit. The ten-year dredging restriction Kara’s mother successfully fought for to protect the nearby coral reef is about to expire.

Kara meets Felix, a new youngster at school who has Cerebral Palsy. Jake swears that his family will destroy Kara and her father, and Jim’s lobster pots are shortly wrecked. They don’t get along, and when Felix’s father offers to buy Jim’s boat, Kara is determined to stop him from sailing so that she may keep Moana. To her surprise, Felix picks up sailing quickly and discovers his mobility issues are less severe at the water. However, Kara is relieved when his father decides against purchasing Moana and chooses a more manageable dinghy that Felix can sail by himself.

Kara discovers the white dolphin calf, which is beached, in distress, and gets caught in a fishing net. The calf is cared for in a tidal pool with the help of Felix, his father, and the marine rescue team, but it becomes separated from the mother dolphin, which means it may have to be put down because it cannot be reintroduced to the wild alone. Kara locates the mother dolphin during a risky night dive and guides it to the tidal pool. 

Felix uses the situation of the white Dolphin to gain public attention and gather support for a boycott of dredging by local fishermen. Kara, who thinks her mother’s dolphin-shaped memory stick contains an important message, can’t remember the password. Dougie has almost won over the audience at a public debate in favor of the conservationists when Felix, who has figured out the memory stick’s password, delivers the campaigners’ genius move: Kara’s mother’s final documentary on the long-term negative impacts of marine dredging. 

Soon after, the dolphin calf and its mother are returned to the water, and Felix shows Kara a picture of the Dolphin’s mother taking her final dive. The fact that she died unexpectedly in a diving accident that was covered up is now almost inevitable. Although the public is now against Dougie, he continues to dredge the bay. Then he fires Kara’s uncle for refusing to help him.

The white Dolphin’s mother is killed in one of Dougie’s nets. Then Kara finds out that Dougie bought Moana for Jake to sail in the neighborhood regatta. An anticipated storm causes the regatta to be canceled. However, Jake and his friend Ethan insist on bringing Moana out to sea. When Jake and Ethan encounter danger, Felix and Kara follow in the dinghy and intervene to save them. Dougie resolves to quit dredging and explore dolphin-friendly fishing because he is grateful not to have lost his surviving son.

                         White Dolphin was a profoundly sympathetic tale of loss, sadness, and fresh starts, with environmental themes and ideas woven throughout. It will especially appeal to sensitive, thoughtful children or aspiring environmentalists and everyone who has experienced sadness and loneliness. It is incredibly captivating and skillfully written, and Bookbag gives it its highest recommendation.

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