Example letter to your sister thanking her for a gift.

 Write a letter to your sister thanking her for a gift.


Examination Hall

City   A.B.C

December 6th, 2021

Dear Sister, 

                    I am hale and hearty here with the grace of Allah Almighty. I am keeping quite well and hope that you will be sailing in the same boat. This time your affectionate letter was accompanied by a wonderful surprise parcel. I was overjoyed when I found a dazzling watch inside it. It is the same watch  I wished to buy. I really value it greatly as a token of your remembrance. You cannot imagine the joy I felt on receiving it.

 I am short of words to express the elegance and charm of the watch. I really needed a watch as my older one had some issues. I am obliged to you for looking after my needs with such care and concern. The watch is really stunning. I like its delicate chain and shimmering gems inside it. My friends really liked it and they are full of admiration. No doubt, a student is always in need of a wristwatch to follow his/her timetable properly. 

I shall have a pleasant feeling of your prized love in the examination hall. I can assure you that I shall be able to do everything at a right time. The watch will help me prioritize my tasks and complete them right on time. I am full of gratitude and I promise that I shall take good care of it. 

I thank you once again for this valuable and precious gift. Kindly pay my respects to all at home. 

Yours Sincerely,


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