Informal Letters (Write a letter to your mother who is worried about health)

Informal Letters 

Examination Hall

City: A. B. C

November 23, 2020

Dear Mother,

          I received your affectionate letter a couple of days ago. I am regretful for not being able to write to you earlier because of some uncongenial circumstances. However, things are better now by the grace of Allah Almighty. My first and foremost duty is to write to you and tell you that I am fine now.

Last week, I felt irritation in my throat and got a bit of cold and flu. Soon I had a fever with body aches. It got worse on me and I could not attend school for two days. I instantly consulted our school doctor who attended me with great care and affection. He prescribed me medicine for one week. He told me that it is a seasonal fever and nothing to worry about. He told me to take complete bed rest. He advised me to avoid fried and sour things for a smooth recovery. I followed his advice in true letter and spirit. The medicine prescribed by the doctor made me fully recovered. It is just mild weakness followed by the disease. Moreover, I am taking good care of my sleep and diet. I exercise regularly to remain healthy. I am conscious of the fact that “Health is wealth.” 

I am now attending my classes on regular basis. My teachers are giving me extra time to cover my loss. I am optimist that I will score excellent marks in my Mid-Term Examination. I hope that after these assurances, you will stop worrying about me. I am planning to visit you next month after my examination. 

Pay my regards to everyone at home. Take care of yourself. 

Yours affectionately,

X. Y. Z

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