Example letter to your father asking him to send money to pay the hostel dues.

Example letter to your father asking him to send money to pay the hostel dues.

Examination Hall
City A.B.C
January 7th, 2021
Dear Father,
                           I have been planning to write to you for many days but due to monthly assessments, I couldn’t find time to do so. I am doing quite well and pray for your health and well-being from the depth of my heart.
My exams are approaching and I am fully concentrating on my studies. I am regularly attending the test sessions. You will be glad to know that I have already revised my syllabus. The teachers are assessing us daily so that we prepare really well for our board exams. They are also providing us with valuable notes. They suggested us to buy several reference books to help us prepare our notes. Acting upon their advice, I have purchased some useful books and past papers. I needed some extra stationery so I spent two thousand rupees on it. My old calculator was creating trouble so I have bought a new one. This has upset my budget so much that I have run short of money. I shall be grateful if you send me at least rupees 8000/ to pay my hostel dues and meet my other needs. I assure you that I shall score excellent marks in my examination. 
                                   Dear father, I know that you are spending a lot on my education. This extra expense will be a burden on your shoulders. Still, I hope that you will accede to my humble request. I assure you that I shall not waste a single penny out of my monthly allowance. 
Pay my regards to all at home. Keep praying for me. 
Yours affectionately, 

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