Review Questions on Phantom Tollbooth


Review Questions on Phantom Tollbooth

Chapter 1

  1. Describe Milo’s character.
  2. What is tollbooth?

Chapter 2

  1. Who does Milo meet when he first crosses the tollbooth?
  2. What does he think he thinks of him?
  3. What is tollbooth?
  4. Why can Milo not say the word think in Doldrums?
  5. What is allowed to do in the Doldrums?
  6. What else is against the allow in the Doldrums?
  7. Who are Lethargarians?
  8. Who helps Milo move his car? How does he do it?

Chapter 3

  1. Why was watchdog called Tock, when he made the noise Tick?
  2. According to Tock why was time invented?
  3. Why did watchdog started t make sure people don’t waste time?
  4. What was Milo given to eat in Dictionopolis?
  5. What is going on at Dictionopolis when Milo and Tock got there?

Chapter 4

  1. Describe the market place.
  2. Whom did Milo see in the market place?
  3. Where did Milo see Spelling Bee?
  4. What did Spelling Bee do with the words Milo said?
  5. Who did the Spelling Bee fight within the Marketplace?

Chapter 5

  1. Why did Milo go to prison?
  2. Who were the prisoners with Milo?
  3. What kind of which was she and what kind of duty she had before going to prison?
  4. Why was which in Dungeon?

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