White Dolphin Summary Chapter 1 – 2 (2023)


Summary Chapter 1
Kara lives with her father in a fishing village in Cornwall. Her mother was a marine biologist. One year ago she went to Solomon Island on the dolphin-saving expedition but there she lost mysteriously along with her other colleagues. However, their bodies were never found. Kara has a firm belief that one day she would return back to her. Kara and her father Jim have shifted at Kara’s aunt’s house but due to financial crises, it’s hard for aunt Bev to afford them. Jim is forced to sell their favourite boat named as Moana but Kara is not willing to lose it. Kara has dyslexia and she has trouble learning like normal children. Some children at school bully Kara and make fun of her father’s inferior jobs. Kara breaks the nose of the worst school bully, Jake, whose father, Dougie, owns the fishing trawlers, that employ aunt Bev’s husband.
Summary Chapter (2)

Jake informs Kara that her father is about to sell Moana. This completely shatters Kara and she rushes to her father to confirm it. She goes to the ship where her father is employed but can’t find her dad. She goes back to Aunt Bev’s home where they are staying. Daisy, Aunt Bev’s daughter asks her about her dad but Kara finds no answer. Meanwhile, Dougie Evan angrily arrives. He inquires about Kara but Aunt Bev assures him she is not there. Dougie frantically searches her in every corner of the house. Kara jumps down through the window and runs toward the harbour. 

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