White Dolphin by Gill Lewis (Summary of Chapter 3-4) 2023

White Dolphin Summary Chapter 3

Kara goes to the harbour where her dad is about to sail Moana. She requests him to take her with him. She wants to ask him if he is serious to sell Moana but is afraid to hear the truth. Eventually, she asks her dad if Moana is up for sale. Dad tells her that due to the financial crisis, they will have to take this hard decision. Kara is in a state of shock after hearing this. She reminds him how much Mum loved Moana and she would never want to sell her. Dad reminds Kara that there is hardly any chance for Mum to return back.

White Dolphin Summary Chapter 4

Kara, in state of shock, jumps down and starts wading towards the cove. Dad yells to stop her but she ignores all the warnings. She is completely shattered and doesn’t want to face Aunt Bev or Uncle Tom. She knows Aunt Bev is concerned about her husband’s job. Dougie Evan might take revenge by terminating Uncle Tom. She remembers how peacefully they were living before her Mum was lost. She believed her Mum had special powers. She thought her Mum could talk to dolphins. She swims towards the cove where she would go with her mother. They would spend hours watching the dolphins. 

Kara suddenly notices a flash of a white leap from the water. There are golden ripples on the surface of the water. This is the sign she has been waiting for. A pure white Dolphin leaps into the air again. She notices at least 50 more dolphins curving through the water. Kara waits for the white Dolphin. A much larger dolphin with her calf appears. They look at Kara with affectionate eyes. She feels so close to her mother. Kara is sure her mother is watching her too. She forgets her worries in the company of dolphins when suddenly she remembers she has to return back home.

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