White Dolphin By Gill Lewis Summary Chapters (13-14)

 White Dolphin By Gill Lewis  Summary Chapter (13)

Felix feels drowsy due to seasickness. He stumbles down and injures his face. Kara’s dad decides to move back, noticing his miserable condition. Felix persists to keep moving towards the Gull Rock. To diverge his attention, Kara’s dad teaches Felix to sail the boat. Surprisingly, Felix proves himself being good at sailing the boat. Felix enjoys the smooth sail and his eyes shine with excitement. Dad informs them about the regatta race which is held every summer. He also invites Mr Andersen to participate in it. They take their lunch at the Gull Rock. Kara wants to have a quick swim. Mr Andersen asks Felix to accompany her. Kara realises that Felix is an expert swimmer. They swim down to the sea bed and watch different sea creatures. Felix is bemused to see the captivating beauty hidden underwater. 

 White Dolphin By Gill Lewis  Summary Chapter (14)

Kara and Felix continue to swim down the sea bed, enjoying the beautiful sight. Mr Andersen helps to haul them out of the water. Felix tells his dad about his experience of swimming underwater. Kara informs Felix that soon the dredging ban would lift up. Then dredgers would haul their metal rakes across the seabed for scallops. They would not only rip out scallops but every rare and precious thing else. Soon there will be nothing left. The dredgers are so influential figures that local bodies do not take any action against them. She informs him about Dougie Evan who is waiting anxiously for the ban to be lifted. She says that her mom put up the ban to stop the dolphins to get extinct. When the dredgers throw nets in the water, the dolphins get tangled into them. 

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