White Dolphin by Gill Lewis Summary of Chapters 9-10

Summary of Chapter 9

Daisy dejectedly runs towards the harbor and sobs quietly. Kara is anxious to know what has happened to her. she tells Kara how Felix spoke to her rudely. To release her sorrow, Kara offers Daisy to go to the beach to see white dolphins. There was no sigh of dolphins so they decided to move towards the Blue Pool. There at the Blue Pool, Daisy notices the presence of Miss Penluna, known as the bird lady. Daisy tells Kara that Miss Penluna is a witch but Kara rejects the idea by saying that there are no such thing as witches. Suddenly Miss Penluna starts moving towards them. She stumbles forward and her stick slithers down the rock. She stops moving and rubs her knees. There is blood stain on her knees. Kara helps her to get up. Miss Penluna asks Kara if she is Kay Wood’s daughter. She tells Kara that Kay used to bring her birds. She asks Kara about her mother but Kara doesn’t know what to say her. Miss Penluna says gently that she will ask angels to find her mother soon.

Summary of Chapter 10

Kara’s dad is going to see the man interested in buying Moana. Daisy tells her dad that they met Miss Penluna the day before. Aunt Bev is annoyed and she warns the girls that she only misguides innocent people by claiming that she could talk to angels. Aunt Bev continues by saying that her house is so filthy with bird muck everywhere. Dad tells Kara that Miss Penluna kept couple of fledglings in drainpipes for a night and freed the next day. This assures Kara that whatever people talk about Miss Penluna is not true. Dad and Kara go to meet Mr. Andersen and fix the deal. Mr Andersen owns a software company in London. He has a son about Kara’s age. Mr. Andersen warmly welcomes them and shows them in. He introduces Kara to his son.

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