White Dolphin by Gill Lewis ( Summary of Chapter 19-20)


Summary of chapter: 19

Kara suggests that the baby dolphin should be kept in the Blue Pool for medical treatment. Mr Andersen and Felix agree and Carl decides to shift her. Carl consults the vet and she fears that the stress of moving the dolphin may be a life risk. They load the baby calf into the rescue boat. They notice that her flippers and tail are losing their deep blue colour. Carl gives her the first aid. Then they shift her in the rescue boat and move towards the Blue Pool. The mother dolphin follows the rescue boat till they reach the Blue Pool. Carl fears that the high tides might push the mother dolphin away from the Blue Pool. This could be stressful for both of them. Kara wants to stay with the baby dolphin to give her moral support, but Carl insists that she must stay home. He promises that he will keep her updated…

Summary of chapter: 20

Cara tells Daisy all about the dolphin and she is curious to see her. Aunt Bev drops them to school. Since the rescue team needs volunteers to look after the dolphins so Felix and Kara decide to offer their services. When the bell rings at her school, Kara rushes to Daisy’s class and almost pulls her down the road. She can’t wait to see the dolphin. There are lots of people at the Blue Pool. The policewoman stops her from going near the pool. She calls Carl and inquires about the present condition of the dolphin. He informs that she is a little better but she can’t swim due to the damaged muscle. The vet has restricted the general public to go near the dolphin as she could pass some diseases onto people. Carl informs Kara that the calf cannot survive in the sea without her mother but unfortunately she has been scared away. Felix and her dad are struggling to find her. Kara dejectedly runs back. She desperately wants the mother dolphin to return to her calf.

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