White Dolphin by Gill Lewis (Summary of Chapter 22)

 Summary of Chapter 22

Mr Andersen went past the Gull Rock and further up the coast but couldn’t find the mother dolphin. They notice a basking shark who might have scared the mother dolphin away. Meanwhile, Daisy grabs Kara’s arm to pull her away. The thread of her necklace breaks, scattering shells across the ground. Her memory stick disappeared. Kara was in a state of shock. Felix finds the memory stick. Kara tells Felix that the memory stick belongs to her mum. Felix offers his services and says he can try to unlock it. Kara can’t decide what to do. She requests her dad to look for the mother dolphin. He tells her that he is working extra hours so he can’t find the time. Kara feels betrayed and runs to her room. 

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