White Dolphin by Gill Lewis (Summary of chapter 25-26)

White Dolphin by Gill Lewis

Summary Chapter 25

Daisy suggests that the dolphin should have a name. She instantly calls her “Angel” and everyone agrees upon this name. Soon after the news was published in the newspaper, journalists and environmental groups are calling the rescue team to allow them to visit the dolphin. Kara shows her displeasure because she doesn’t want the dolphin to be a showpiece for others. Whereas, Felix and Carl think that they can use the dolphin to bring people’s attention to save marine life. Felix thinks they could arrange an online petition for people to sign to stop the dredging of the reef. Felix’s dad drops them to at school but they are late for Math class. Kara goes towards the playground and dozes off. Felix wakes her up as Mrs Carter wants to see them both. A lot of children are gathered in Mrs carter’s office and they are busy doing some paintings. Mrs Carter wants the school children to be involved in signing the petition. They want to play their part in saving the bay. Kara hesitates first but then agrees.

Summary Chapter  26

Kara, her dad and Daisy reach school and find a lot of people gathered in the school hall. The children are busy putting up the posters on the walls eagerly. Felix is also there with her parents. There is a huge number of tourists gathered in the hall. A local politician Mr Cooke has joined them but unfortunately, he is busy talking to Dougie Evans. Kara doesn’t want Mr Cooke to be on Dougie’s side. 

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