White Dolphin by Gill Lewis (Summary chapters 27-30)

Summary of Chapter 27

The hall is filled up with fishermen and trawler owners. Dougie Evan is sitting comfortably having an evil smile on his face. He has instructed the trawler owners to protest against signing the petition for the dredging ban. The local radio is here to broadcast the meeting live. Carl is the first person to deliver his speech but he looks pale and confused. His speech doesn’t start well. He is not audible enough. He shows images of Angel, shares the graphs and data but unfortunately, no one shows any interest. After his speech, Dougie Evans move towards the stage with loads of confidence. He is wearing his oldest clothes to give a false impression that he is hardly making both ends meet. His speech is interactive and interesting. Everyone becomes attentive. He talks about providing fresh seafood to tourists to generate revenue. He requests the fishermen not to sign the petition. While Dougie stands victoriously, Felix gets through the aisle, holding the memory stick. He tells Kara that he has something important to share. He says Kara to engage the audience for a couple of minutes. Kara, somehow, climbs up the stage but she doesn’t know what to say. She says that Dougie is right and his trawlers should be free to rip off every scallop from the reef. Fishermen have taken all the fish from the sea and now they have to go deeper and deeper to find any fish. There’s complete silence in the hall. Suddenly the lights go out.

Summary Chapter 28

The huge screen on the stage is dark at first. Kara’s mum’s voice echoes in the room. Then the last film made by Kara’s mum starts. The film is about the world under deep oceans. The video shows the rocky bed alive with corals and urchins. Kara’s mum pleads in the end to protect the oceans or there will be nothing left. People are transfixed and then suddenly they start clapping generously. Felix tells Kara how he managed to recover the data from the memory stick. The password that he found out after a lot of searches was “Tepuhi”, a Maori name for dolphins. Carl tells them that there are loads of signatures for the voluntary ban on dredging. He is worried about Angel’s mother who has disappeared. The baby dolphin will be released in the wild the next day. Kara is worried about Angel’s safety in the wild.

Summary Chapter 29

Carl is releasing Angel early in the morning and Kara is the first one to reach there. Her father saw her leaving the house so he came after her. Carl and Greg bring Angel to the seashore all covered in wet towels. Felix is also there to give a helping hand. There is no sign of Angel’s mother. They float Angel out into the waves until they are waist-deep in water. Suddenly there is a vibration in water and Angel’s mother appears slowly. They swim side by side and disappear into deep water. Kara feels strange emptiness deep inside.

Summary Chapter 30

The local newspaper has published the news in detail about signing the petition. It said that the local fishermen have signed the partition for the voluntary ban on fishing and drenching the area. Kara and Felix were overjoyed. Doogie Evan threatens uncle Tom and expels him from the job. Aunt Bev asks Jim and Kara to find a shelter for them as they can not bear the expenses. Jim promises that they would leave soon. Daisy informs Kara that Dougie was mad with anger. He has warned them that he would go fishing on the midnight tide. He will rip out every coral in the bay.

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