White Dolphin By Gill Lewis (Summary Chapters 34-35)

                         White Dolphin

Summary of chapter 34

The white envelope has a picture of Kara’s Mum. Kara observes the picture again and again trying to find many truths. Her Mum has crouched down beside her diving gear and her face has a look of deep concentration. The place seems to be a busy port with a lot of ships anchoring and sailing. Felix comes in the morning to ask if she is going to the “Regatta”. Kara informs him that due to the approaching storm, the race has been postponed. Felix suggests they should go and see what is happening around the seashore. Aunt Bev asks Kara to take Daisy along. Felix tells Kara that her mother’s photograph was taken at Honiara, a port on the Solomon Island of Guadalcanal. The picture was taken just before sunset on the night she disappeared. There was a folder in the memory stick named “Honiara”. There was a list of addresses of different places she was visiting. Felix’s dad made an inquiry and found that photo in the archives of a local paper. The photo clearly mentions that her Mum went out diving that night but it doesn’t tell what actually happened to her. Kara, Felix and Daisy walk towards the town to get some food. Suddenly dark clouds unfurl across the sky indicating a storm is coming. On the way back home, Jake and Ethan stop them. Jake tells her that his Dad is buying a posh house up on the hill. They challenge Kara and Felix to race with them. Kara reminds of the storm approaching but that say that they aren’t afraid of the storm. Soon Jake and Ethan get into Moana and start sailing her. By the time, Kara reaches Moana, Jake and Ethan have the mainsail up and the jib. They forgot to reef the sail. Moana slides across the water, scraping against the harbour wall. Felix decides to go after them in his own boat. Daisy is horrified and she doesn’t want Kara to go. Kara asks Daisy to run towards her dad and call the coastguard. Kara realises that Ethan and Jake have no life jackets. Felix starts pulling up the mainsail. He hands over Kara her life jacket. Kara grabs hurriedly grabs two more life jackets; one for Jake and the other for Ethan. They have to stop them before they get beyond the headland. 

Summary of chapter 35

It is very difficult for Felix and Kara to control their dinghy in the rough sea. There are ocean currents and strong winds out there. Moana is lurching through the waves. Jake and Ethan are struggling to control the sails. Suddenly Jake disappears beneath the waves. Kara tries to balance the dinghy as Felix moves towards Ethan and Moana. Jake’s head rises above the water then sinks under again. Kara clutches Jake’s shirt as a wave rolls him up. For a second Kara saw a flash of white beneath the waves, something beneath Jake pushing him up towards the air. She could not figure ou what it was. Felix brings Dinghy closer to Moana. Kara helps Jake where a life jacket. Blood is pouring through his hair and down his forehead. Kara climbs into Moana to help Ethan. Felix takes Jake to the seashore in his dinghy. Kara is not sure she will be able to sail Moana to the shore. 

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