White Dolphin By Gill Lewis (Summary Chapters: 31-33)

                            White Dolphin By Gill Lewis

 Summary of Chapter 31

Despite the voluntary ban, trawlers from other towns keep on fishing in the sea. Local fishermen are facing a tough situation due to outsiders violating the fishing laws. They are not able to get enough lobsters and crabs. Kara and Felix are in the local market looking for something to eat. Kara notices Ethan and Jake sitting inside Moana. Kara furiously runs towards them ordering them to leave her boat. With a mocking grin, Jake informs Kara that she’s not her boat anymore. Kara’s Dad sold Moana to Dougie Evans in an emergency. Kara is heartbroken. She runs back to Aunt Bev’s house but her Dad is out somewhere. Aunt Bev tries to calm her down but she is emotionally shattered. Her Dad has gone to Exeter for a job interview. Kara feels that the shell around her Dad and her Mum and herself has broken. 

 Summary of Chapter 32

The skies are low and heavy. All the fishing boats have returned back to safety, except Dougie’s trawlers. Felix excitedly tells Kara that his dad has hired a sailing coach for him. Mr Andersen wants Felix to participate in the junior training squad for the Paralympics sailing team. Kara is too excited to hear this. Felix wants Kara to be his boat partner in the race but Kara avoids it. She is not sure where she will be after a few weeks. They will have to shift from Aunt Bev’s house to somewhere else. 

On the way back home, Kara hears Adam and Joe talking about a shark being caught by Dougie Evans. Kara has a doubt in mind so she takes Felix with her to have a look. A small crowd is gathered beside Dougie’s trawler near the fish market. she tries to push her way through to have a closer look. A grey body of a dead dolphin lies on the concrete. She is Angel’s mother.

Summary of Chapter 33

Kara bursts into tears. She runs towards the cove and cries slowly. Suddenly she hears the burst of dolphin breath. It’s Angel who has come to find her mother. She sends a series of whistles and kara knows she is desperately calling to her mother. Kara wants to touch her body and stroke her to comfort her. She slides away and disappears underwater. Kara goes after her into the rough waves to console her. Felix and his dad call her back. Her dad is worried about her. Kara wants to stay near the cove to look after Angel but Felix wants her to get back home. Felix hands over Kara a white envelope. He tells her that there was something else he found in the memory stick. His dad investigated that thing and so far he has been successful. Kara’s heart beats faster. She is sure that the envelope holds something to do with her Mum.

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