Character sketches of White Dolphin by Gill Lewis

 White Dolphin by Gill Lewis 

Character Sketch of Kara Wood

Kara is one of the main characters of the novel “White Dolphin written by Gill Lewis. Kara lives with her father, in a fishing village near CornwallShe is suffering from dyslexia. Her mother, who was a marine biologist, disappeared mysteriously while she was on a trip to Solomon Island. The disappearance of her mother has deeply affected her school life.
Kara and her father live in her aunt’s house as they can not afford their own accommodation. She avoids going to school as Jake Evans and Ethen along with some other students make fun of her. Kara tries to fight the negativity with her patience and tolerance. Moana is a boat built by Kara’s parents which is very dear to her and her father. Kara is very considerate and kind as when Felix became rude to Daisy she immediately consoled her. Kara has a soft corner towards dolphins as they remind her of her mother. Kara wants to protect the sea from dredging as it is a home for millions of sea animals. Angel, the calf of a white dolphin is particularly very close to Kara. Kara not only rescued it but stayed there with the rescue team to ensure Angel’s speedy recovery. Her mother’s absence has made Kara’s heart very fragile and sensitive. When Dougie killed Andel’s mother, she particularly got hurt. She could personally feel her pain and grief. 
Kara saved Jake and Ethan’s life knowing they were her bitter enemies. She risked her life resuing them. Her kindness and sacrifice melted Dougie’s heart and made him repent for his brutal attitude towards many people.

Character sketch of Felix

Felix is one of the main characters of the novel “White Dolphin written by Gill Lewis. He is the main protagonists of the story. He is the only son of his parents. He is suffering from cerebral palsy disorder and is unable to move properly. Despite his disability, he is an expert diver as well as an IT savvy person. Felix is passionate about wildlife and nature. He helped Kara rescue a baby dolphin. He offered his services to the rescue team to look after the injured dolphin at the Blue Pool.
                Felix was extremely upset when his wealthy, resourceful parents brought him to live in a sleepy Cornish fishing village, far away from his home and friends in London. He is quite unhappy with the weak internet connection. With time, things change when he discovers a passion for marine wildlife and sailing. He is very intelligent as he was able to find the password for the memory stick of Kara’s mother. The timely discovery of a documentary made by Kay (Kara’s mother) was a masterstroke at the assembly hall. He is courageous as he along with Kara saved the lives of Jake and Ethan. They followed them in the dinghy and rescued them bravely. Their act of kindness melted the brutal heart of Dougie Evans and changed him into a kind and considerate person. Felix is a sympathetic and generous person. He sounds harsh but from inside he is soft and compassionate.
Felix proved that physical disability is no obstacle if you have a firm determination to do anything. He deserves to be the hero of the story. He is a true example to follow.  

Character sketch of Daisy
Daisy is one of the main characters of the novel “White Dolphin” written by Gill Lewis. She is a protagonists of the story. She is a five years old girl but is very courageous and confident for her age. Her mother’s name is Bev and her father works for Dougie Evans. 
                        Daisy is an adorable child. She is very genarous and considerate as she is willing to share her room with Kara. She is a charming little girl with a chubby face and blonde hair. Kara shares her secrets with Daisy and she never spills the beans. To cheer Kara up, she makes the sketches of white dolphin. Daisy was very enthusiastic when Kara and Felix saved the white dolphin. She named her Angel because she thinks dolphins are the angels of the sea. She is very sympathetic as when Jake and Ethan humiliated Felix, she instantly snubbed them. She is very optimistic as she motivates Kara to keep on fighting against the bullies. She is very responsible as she immediately conveyed Kara’s message to her father when they were going to rescue Jake and Ethan. 
She is indeed a lovable character in the story. She stands up to Felix’s bullies though she was only five. She proved herself as a loyal and faithful companion to Kara.

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