An outstanding summary of the poem “Try Again” By W.E. Hickson

 An outstanding summary of the poem “Try Again”  By W.E. Hickson 

Introduction of the poet:

William Edward Hickson was a famous writer from the United Kingdom, who lived between January 7, 1803, and March 22, 1870He stu­died in the Netherlands and Germany. He was the author of “Time and Faith”. He is credited with popularising the proverb, Try, Try, Try againHickson died at Fairseat, Stansted, Kent, where he was buried.

Apparent Meaning of the poem:

The poem gives the lesson of “Try again”. If we fail in our first attempt, we should not give up. Rather we should continue working till we succeed. If we find our task hard to accomplish, we should not lose heart. If you work with perseverance and dedication, then you will reach your destiny.

Hidden Meaning of the poem:

The poet uses the term, “Try again” to make us aware of the importance of trying again and again till we succeed. If due to adverse circumstances, we fail in our first attempt, we should not be discouraged. We must demonstrate that we have the firmness to bear the loss. Even if we fall, we must rise up again with renewed energy and come forward with a new spirit. 

Summary of the poem: 

This reflective, moralizing and optimistic poem is gifted by William Edward Hickson. This poem is the epitome of the lesson of courage, bravery, persevarance, conquest prevalence, grace and patience. The poem teaches us a lesson of trying again and again. It is the only key to success. The message of this poem is universal. Hickson says if we fail in our first attempt, we should not get disappointed. We should try again with more energy and vigour. Trying, again and again, will make us more courageous and strong. If we persist because of this courage, we will conquer for sure. 

               “When you lose, you get up, you make it better, you TRY AGAIN.”

                                                                             Serena Williams

Hickson admits that when we try to achieve any targets, we may fail once or twice but we should not surrender.  It is against the dignity of man. The poet is of the view that when the world says, “stop trying anymore”; the hope whispers gently, “Try it once more!” It means a man should never give up hope. Failure urges man to try again with strong determination. One mustn’t surrender to the challenges or hurdles. The man should not feel disgrace at his failure. A wise man always learns from his failure. Our failure tells about our shortcomings or weaknesses. The spirit of trying again vanishes man’s fear and at last make him a conqueror. 

        Hemmingway rightly says:

                       “A man is not for defeat. He can be destroyed but not be defeated.”

Always keep in mind that if all people can do their jobs in an impressive way, you can also do yours. The only thing you must keep in mind is that you should never get disappointed if you make mistakes. Failure does not mean the game is over; it means life is asking you to prove your mettle with more constructive effort and be a trendsetter.   


In the nutshell, I would like to say that we should aspire to reach our goals, facing all the challenges manfully. Failures come in our life to make us stronger and tougher. The people who surrender and give up easily can never reach their destiny. All successful people have had to try again and again to get to where they are.

                     “Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.”

                                                                         Samuel Beckett

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