Letter to a friend requesting him/her to spend summer vacations with you.

Letter to a friend requesting him/her to spend summer vacations with you.

Examination Hall

City A.B.C

February 12, 2022

Dear Friend,

                            I am hale and hearty here with the grace of Almighty Allah and I hope that this letter of mine will find you in the best of your health and spirits.  By the way, the purpose of writing this letter is to remind you of a promise you made a month ago that you would spend a few days of the forthcoming spring holidays with me. Now it is time to fulfil your promise. I hope you will keep your promise and give me a positive response. Father and Mother will be extremely delighted to have you with us. I assure you that you will relish your stay here. The weather these days in Lahore is very pleasant. A nice breeze blows in the evening soothing and calming our hearts. 

           As you know Lahore is a historic city and tourists from around the world come to visit it. There is a lot of hustle and bustle these days. In such beautiful weather, Lahore becomes the venue of many conferences, floral exhibitions and shopping festivals. I have made plans to thoroughly enjoy our holidays. We will explore historic buildings and venture into the old streets of Lahore. There are many enfolding sunny spots of tourists attraction in the old and new Lahore which you would surely adore. We will taste scrumptious and delectable food in the food street and in old Anarkali. Lahore is a city of gardens and especially in spring, they become the centre of attraction. Floral exhibitions and food festivals are arranged to entertain people. We will visit our common friends and hang out together. They are equally curious to meet you after so long. 

                         “Time with friends is always well-spent”

We have grown many kinds of fruit trees and vegetables in our garden. They bear prolific fruit.  The chirping birds, nice breeze, lush green swaying twigs of trees, would leave a miraculous impact on your stressed soul. My cousins and I beguile with time there. I assure you that you will have a pleasant change from hard bookish life.

It is but natural for man to try to avail himself of a few moments of pleasure and ecstasy at some health resort. You would really enjoy the pleasing and placid atmosphere of my city.

 Do not think that we will play round to clock. I have made a programme to do homework as well. We would do everything according to a certain Schedule. Knowing your passion for poetry, I have bought many novels and dramas for you to read. Therefore, I invite you to come to me and spend these holidays with me. Just tell me the date of your arrival so that I should make arrangements for your reception. I do hope that you would not disappoint me. Hoping for an early positive reply from you and eagerly waiting for you.

                              “True friends are never apart, maybe in distance but never in heart.” 

                                                                                            Helen Keller

Regards to everyone at home. 

Yours affectionately’

X. Y. Z

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