Write a letter to your mother about the tests you just have taken.

Examination Hall

City A. B. C

February 20, 2022

Dear Mother,

                        I hope this letter finds you in the best of health and spirits. I have just received your letter. I am glad to know that you’re fine. I apologize for not being able to write to you earlier. Actually, I was preparing for my Mid-Term examination. They finally ended yesterday and now I am quite relaxed and relieved. In your letter, you have shown great concern about my studies. You have inquired about my performance in the exams. I understand you are really worried about my academics and I am sure your prayers and best wishes are always with me. 

                    “A mother thinks of her children day and night even when they are not with her.”

                               You will be extremely delighted to know that my performance in the examination is remarkable. I reinforced my concepts thoroughly before exams and attempted all the papers with full confidence. I am really grateful to my hardworking teachers who gave me special time and attention to improve my weak areas. I improved myself in Maths along with Physics and my teachers are optimistic that I shall pass these subjects with flying colours. I have tried my level best to proofread and edit my written work before handing over the paper to the invigilator. My work presentation in all the papers was satisfactory. I gave thorough answers to all the questions. I am sure I will be able to impress my teachers. During the examination period, I left all extracurricular activities and put my heart and soul into preparing for the exams. I attended past paper sessions with full concentration and diligence. The strategies I learned during these sessions helped me attempt my papers confidently.

                     I am sure after these assurances you would not worry about my studies. I just need your prayers and blessings. I shall visit after a few days. 

Par my regards to everyone at home. 

You loving son,

X. Y. Z

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