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“It wasn’t just school to me, it was the chapter I never wanted to end.” –                                                             Unknown

The time when you leave school is the most memorable one. You feel elated for a new beginning, but at the same time melancholy for bidding adieu to this golden phase of learning. The first and last days at school are of unique significance for students. Probably you forget about your first day at school but you can never forget your last day at school.

                  My last day at school is still fresh in my memory. We started moving to the school, making way through small groups of schoolfellows of other classes, talking cheerfully. We were dressed in our formal clothes as a special reception was awaiting us. Class IX had organised a farewell party for us. They had especially decorated the auditorium and the main hallway. There were easels with special messages, wishes and prayers for the outgoing class. 

Soon we were escorted towards the auditorium in the thunder of claps. We were given the front seats and we felt as if we were the guests of honour. The announcers started the program with the holy name of Allah Almighty. A few students from class IX made the farewell speeches. They declared these moments “bittersweet moments” as it is hard to say goodbye but simultaneously the excitement to start a new chapter in life is also heartening. 

The program consisted of a variety of shows. A group of students gave us interesting titles and we laughed a lot at some of the funny titles. A group of students played a comedy-drama which was a marvellous one. The parody of some famous people was a hit item. However, the best part of the farewell party was our principal’s speech. She advised the students to work with devotion and be well-mannered to succeed and prosper in life. He also emphasized the significance of education and its crucial and vital need in the present age. He concluded his speech with the remark that he would be very pleased to hear that all of us had passed the examination with honour. Those words are still ringing in my ears. We promised ourselves that we will respect his wishes and prove ourselves according to his wishes.

 I was also given an opportunity to address the august gathering on behalf of class X. I thanked our junior students for arranging a splendid party. I also thanked the teachers and the principal for their affection and kindness during our stay here. At the end of the ceremony, we gathered on the stage for a group photo.  We captured these precious moments not only in our cameras but also in our hearts.

             “Some memories are unforgettable, remaining ever vivid and heartwarming!”                                                                    Joseph B. Wirthlin


After the ceremony, we were served with scrumptious dinner. The Bar-B-Que was moth-watering and the dessert was finger-licking. After the dinner, we took more photographs with our beloved teachers who played a pivotal role in shaping our personalities.

                “The teachers are the cornerstone of most school memories.”

I still remember the festivity of that occasion. It showed the love of our juniors for us. After that, we all strolled around and we all friends had group selfies. It was literally heart-wrenching to leave the school and old friends. The kind, faithful friends who were there with me through all thick and thin. 

                                        “Good times and School friends make the best memories.”

Our kind teachers assured us that even during the preparatory holidays we could come to them and take their guidance. It was undoubtedly a remarkable gesture. We also took their autographs as a token of their love and remembrance.

I threw back a wistful glance at the beautiful building of my school. I could not help crying silently. I had to leave the place I loved and was proud of.  It was the day of parting and parting in life is painful. It was the last chapter of the glorious book of my student life. I had been a student in my school for ten years. 

I had to leave the place I loved and was proud of.  On behalf of my class, I thanked the ninth class friends for the sumptuous party they had given and the fine words they had spoken left for home with a heavy heart.

Days have rolled by since I left the school. Whenever I sit in an idle and nostalgic mood, the whole picture of my school is raised before me. My heart fills with lovely memories and cherishes my soul.

“School times end but the memories last forever.” – Unknown

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