White Dolphin By Gill Lewis [Questions/Answers chapter 2-4]


Chapter 2

Q.1 Why do you think Dougie Evans was so mad at Kara Wood? How does Kara manage to escape the dangerous situation?

Ans. Dougie Evans is mad at Kara because she broke his son’s nose and left him bleeding on the ground. He already loathes Kara’s family and doesn’t miss a chance to take vengeance on them. His son, Jake is Kara’s schoolfellow and bullies her all the time in school. She runs away from Aunt Bev’s house over to the beach where her Dad is about to sail Moana. Daisy helps her in escaping through the window when Dougie comes chasing her furiously. Aunt Bev controls the situation and prevents him from catching Kara.

Q.2 What was her dad’s answer when Kara finally asked him about the sail of Moana?

Ans. He politely told her the reason why he wanted to sell Moana. He has to pay back the loan he took from people. He doesn’t have any permanent job and despite working a double shift, he is unable to generate a sufficient amount to pay back the loan. They can not even afford to rent a house and pay the utility bills. Aunt Bev has already told them that they can’t keep them permanently. Jim is desperately looking for a suitable buyer for Moana. 

Q.3 How did Kara respond to his decision?

Ans. She was in a state of shock. She felt betrayed and disappointed. Moana reminds her of her mother and how three of them rebuilt it and decorated it. She told her father that her mum would never allow them to sell it. She hates when Aunt Bev pressurises her father to sell it as soon as possible to pay back the money. Somehow, she thinks that her father will never sell Moana. When finally she heard from her dad that he was serious about selling Moana, she couldn’t stand it and jumped into the water. 

Chapter 3, 4

Q.1 Why is Moana so special to Kara?

Ans. Moana is a boat rebuilt and renovated by Kara’s parents. She has spent her childhood sailing on her along with her loving parents. They were not rich but they were contented with whatever they had. Moana was very special to Kay [Kara’s mum] as well. Kara remembers each and every moment she spent on Moana when her family was complete. Now her mother has gone and Moana is the only thing that gives her comfort, shelter and strength. 

Q.2 According to Kara, “Dolphins have special powers and she hears them calling through the water.” Comment on her words and explain the reason behind her thoughts.

Ans. Her mother [Kay] was a marine biologist. She always wanted to save Dolphins and other precious sea animals from illegal hunting. She condemned all the trawler owners who rip off the sea-bed and leave nothing for the coming generation. She was genuinely worried and suspicious about the disappearance of dolphins from their natural habitat. She was aware that dolphins were sold in other parts of the world and she was determined to stop this brutal act. She spent hours sitting near the cove with Kara, watching dolphins leaping into the air, and twisting and somersaulting before diving underwater. Kara still remembers all the dolphin stories that she heard from her mother. Kara sees white dolphins in her dreams and she believes they bring news from her mother. She believes dolphins have magical powers and they bring news from her mother that she will be back soon. 

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