White Dolphin By Gill Lewis (Questions/Answers Chapters 5-7)


Q.1 “You can’t bury your head in the sand forever, for Kara’s sake at least. You’ve all Kay’s debts to pay.” What does Bev mean by this? What debts is she talking about?

Ans. Bev is talking about the money, Jim borrowed for sending his wife (Kay) to Solomon Island.  Kay, a marine biologist has been missing since she went to rescue dolphins being captured for aquariums and sea parks. It was an expensive mission so Jim had to take a heavy loan to purchase her air tickets and other important equipment. Unfortunately, Kay disappeared mysteriously after reaching Solomon Island. It was so unfortunate for Jim who couldn’t even get to Solomon Island to find his wife.

 Jim is now forced to do minor jobs to pay back the money but he can’t do so. He has decided to sell Moana to pay back the loan but he is not finding a suitable buyer. Bev can not accommodate both father and daughter for a long period of time. They are already making both ends meet. 

Q.2 Why did Bev send a box of chocolates to Jake with Kara’s name on it?

Ans. Kara smacked Jake with hard covered Bible and he broke his nose. Since then Dougie was mad at Kara and was frantically looking for her. He already loathes the family and never misses a chance to humiliate and torment them. Tom, Bev’s husband is a worker in Dougie’s company and she doesn’t want him to lose his job. She knows Dougie already holds a lot of grudges and his son’s injury will further enrage him. She sent a box of chocolates as a goodwill gesture. She wants to calm down the situation settle things.

Q.3 What is multi-sensory development? Why is Mrs Baker applying this strategy to teach Kara? Do you think it would help Kara grasp the concepts?

Ans. Multisensory learning is actually employing the neuroscience behind how we learn to teach concepts that engage two or more senses. Teachers/educators add audio or visual aids to make learning more effective and easier. Multisensory learning can also include tactile, smell, and taste-related objects/materials. As long as the activity employs multiple areas of the brain, it can help students develop stronger memories and acquire confidence as well. This strategy not only helps the learners to comprehend the concepts but retain them as well. 

For example, students can create alphabet letters, numbers, shapes, etc out of clay or play dough while learning phonics, new vocabulary and much more. Learners enjoy learning and don’t feel bored. Many learners rely on some senses more than others so changing your multisensory activities can assist you to make sure you focus on all the children in your classroom.

Dyslexic children are slow learners and can not understand the concepts quite easily. When a dyslexic child looks at a passage/text, all the words or numbers appeared to be blurred and moving and dancing around the page. They might switch the letters in words or even jump over numbers or numerical calculations. 

Mrs Baker is using this strategy on Kara because it is proven to be an effective method to coach dyslexic children. For these students, multi-sensory teaching is exceptionally advantageous because students do not have to hold on to large fragments of information at any one time. This technique involves all five senses, it may develop neuroplasticity.

I am sure Kara will learn with the help of this technique, as she enjoys all the activities planned by Mrs Baker. She likes Mrs Baker because she is polite and loving. She has hands-on experience throughout the lesson which she enjoys the most.

Q. Why do you think Chloe and Ella have not invited Kara to the party?

Ans. Probably Jake and Ethan have stopped them to invite Kara. Chloe’s dad works with Tom (Bev’s husband) on Dougie Evan’s boats. Chloe doesn’t want to displease Jake or his dad so she does whatever Jake commands her to do.

Q. “Soon you and your dad will have nothing left”. What does Jake mean here? 

Ans. Jake keeps on teasing and humiliating Kara. He knows she is too possessive about her father who is suffering a lot after the disappearance of his wife. Once the ban is lifted Dougie will dredge the reef and there will be nothing left for common fishermen of Cornwall. Everything is in turmoil in Kara’s life and more trouble awaits. Jake has already mentioned that his dad would buy Moana and chop her up for fire since it is all she is good for. Dougie already blames Jim and Kay for his elder son, Aeron’s death and he can do anything to ruin the family. 

Jake wants to warn Kara and her family. Kara knows Dougie will take his revenge.

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