Media and Its Impact

Miss Ayesha is the favourite teacher of class IX. The students eagerly attend her class. 

Miss Ayesha enters the classroom with her usual smile, greets the students and takes the roll call.

It is their tutorial day.  The students are all geared up. They know what is about to come and they are prepared for it.

“Shall we start? , she asks politely.

“Yes”, the students nod.

Teacher:   Ok as we have decided earlier the topic for today’s discussion is the role of media and its impact

To start with, let me state clearly that media is the most powerful mode of communication. It shares news and information with the people. Sometimes media spreads false news but generally, it informs us about the facts around us.

Do you agree?

Students:    Yes we do.

Student 1:    I would like to add a bit more to it.

Teacher:       Yes sure!

Student 1:     Media helps people to share knowledge of the world. Their feelings and opinions are expressed through it. Media attracts the attention of a very large audience. Have you noticed that the first thing we do soon after entering the house is to switch on the television?  

Teacher:       There is no doubt about it.

Student 2:    Let me say that media has become a part of our life. It not only informs us but also entertains us.

Teacher:       Absolutely right. Well, do you have any idea about the two major means of communication?

Student 3:    There are two means of communication, electronic media and print media. This includes film, radio, television, internet, books, magazines and newspaper. It provides us with information as well as entertainment. 

Teacher:  Good! It’s through media that the world has become a global village. There is coverage of all the important events of the world on television. We can have an easy access to all kinds of information through media. 

Student 4: Can we say that the world is just a click away?

Teacher: Maybe well, would any other student like to say something on it?

(Miss Ayesha points to the student at the end.)

Student 5: Madam, in my opinion, media plays a very constructive role for society. It raises awareness about many social issues like corruption, terrorism, drug addiction, and violation of human rights. 

Teacher: Yes, you are right.

Student 6: Media has also become a mouthpiece of the downtrodden.

Teacher: Yes, well-said! It would not be wrong to say that media is the most vigilant institution that keeps an eye on every segment of society. Through debates, reports, and talk shows it makes everyone answerable and accountable. That is why media has become an integral part of our lives. Now I would invite one of you, to sum up, the discussion.  

Student 1: I would conclude the discussion by saying that media can play a positive role and has a corrective impact if it works honestly.

Teacher: Good conclusion! I am happy that all of you have participated in this discussion and have expressed yourselves very well. 

(The bell rings, Miss Ayesha, says goodbye to the class and leaves.) 


Q1: What is the most important function that media performs?

Function That Media Performs

Our society is influenced by media in so many ways. Media provides us information from every nook and corner of the world and keeps us updated. It keeps a check on the social evils of society. It has become a mouthpiece of the downtrodden. It has widespread effects on our personal and social life.

Q2: What are the two major means of communication?

Means of communication

Ans: There are two means of communication:

Electronic media and print media are two major means of communication. Electronic media include television, radio, film and the internet whereas print media consists of newspapers, books, brochures, magazines.

Q3: How does media provide entertainment?


Ans. Media provides entertainment in different ways. Media entertains us through various intriguing news shows, plays, movies, talk shows, and game shows. Media also amuses people by broadcasting telefilms, film reviews, fashion shows and much more. It makes people’s recreational and leisure time more enjoyable and fun.

Q4: What happens when media is allowed to play its role unchecked?

When Media Plays Its Role Unchecked

The world we live in today depends on information and communication so as to move in the right direction; for this, media plays an integral role in influencing decisions made. When media is allowed to play its role unchecked then numerous problems can arise. It can show substandard and unethical programmes and guide youth in the wrong direction. It spreads false reports and news which prove harmful for society and individuals. If the media doesn’t act sensibly, there can be unrest in society. So, it is important that authorities keep a thorough check over media and discourage any irresponsible act.

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