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As I entered the hall, I could see people showing off an array of different types of apparel. The theme for this auspicious event was formal. The diverse collection of clothing gave the hall its own ambience. The men mostly wore three-piece suits with various ties. The star of the show was undoubtedly a woman wearing a dress filled with Kashmiri embroidery. Some of the women were wearing a traditional Pakistani theme which was Shalwar Kameez. Some women had chosen a western theme and preferred jeans and different types of gowns.

The delegation which consisted of the foreign individuals also had decided to represent their dynamic cultures through their fashion. The member of the delegation who was from Qatar was wearing a “Thobe” and the women were wearing an “Abaya”. Another person I had glanced upon was from England who was wearing a vibrant and sonorous three-piece suit. There were also many women from Italy, wearing stunning bright-coloured gowns embroidered with floral art. They also wore red heels to match their outfits. 

Another Man I saw was from the USA who had pulled off a casual look by wearing a Black baggy hoodie along with khaki jeans. All of the people I had seen were somehow showing their diverse cultures and they were doing that all through fashion. There were also so many people belonging to Bangladesh. They all looked like they were dressed to impress by wearing a classic Shalwar and Kameez. The shalwar kameez was paired with traditional open sandals or khussas. 

The singer who was the main part of the show also wore exquisite clothes to impress the audience. He was wearing a black and white baggy shirt alongside dark jeans. he was wearing a dark cap and as footwear, he chose to wear a pair of black boots.

Every person present at the theatre was giving off an aura of excitement and euphoria. Different types of clothing worn by the people added to the grandeur of the hall. An electrifying atmosphere was visible as everyone looked exhilarated and waiting for a show of their lives.

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