Brother in the land-Question and Answers

Q.1 What were the preparations being made in Skipley Town and why?

There were many preparations being made in Skipley Town because of the nuclear attack. The people of Skipley Town heard that there was going to be a nuclear bombing. People were moving, making trenches and storing food. They were taking all essential precautions that would enable them to stay alive.

Q.2 What was the purpose behind setting up the blue and yellow tables?

The people who were in sound health were to be queued at the yellow table where they were examined for any signs of illness. The injured had been taken to the blue table where they were poisoned to get rid of them.

Q.3 What is the CDT? What is its main role?

CDT was the Civil Defence Team. This team was appointed to work for the Welfare of Skipley when the nuclear war was imposed on them. Their responsibility was to provide food, shelter and medical care to the citizens. The CDT had set up an emergency ward on the Kershaw’s farm to provide medical help to the ill. 

Q.4 The Civil Defence Team is projected as the symbol of aggression and authority. Supports this view by giving a piece of evidence.

The civil defence team is projected as a symbol of authority and aggression. They are given a lot of power and they misused it. They were showing off their true colours. With this use of their power, they had robbed people of their food and supplies. They had made people sit on different colour tables so that only the healthy could survive and the injured were given poison to get rid of them in order to save supplies for themselves.

Q.5 Why do you think Kim was unhappy with her sister’s wedding?

Kim was unhappy because the war had recently struck in Skipley and there was a lot of uncertainty. Kim thought that her sister could have waited for the things to settle down. It would have been unfair to the baby of Kim’s sister. The baby would not be able to survive due to the radiation which might cause the baby to become incredibly ill. There was no food or shelter for the baby due to the war.

Q.6 Give textual evidence for greed for power in scene 2 act 5.

Captain Theory had unarmed the residents of Skipply Town. He had also caused their vehicles to malfunction. His action clearly shows that he wanted to govern this town and have it under his control. Captain Theory had greed for power and he tried to take all the measures necessary to get the town under his command and authority.

Q.7 What is the importance of the shadow man?

The shadow man is a wise old man who is knowledgeable. He is also the leader of Shadow Chorus. He is unpretentious, passionate and experienced. Not to forget, he is an analytical, positive and a motivational character. He suggests others to be safe, and protective. He advises them to defend themselves in the best possible way. He teaches people how to lead a purposeful life and enjoy their time using their life for good reasons like helping others. He portrays the situation from everyone’s perspective. His sayings have deep meanings and are full of advice for others. He is sincere and truly reflects the typical conditions of people, they lived in after the war. He further mentions that the old men and babies are referred to as experience and the hope of light.

Q.8 Write down the four consequences of War in Skipley.

1: In order to survive, people turned against each other. People had been killed by others. The land was destroyed and ruined as the nuclear bombing had affected the soil. There were fights going on just for scrapes of food just like when Chris and Kim had fought over just a bag of food.

2: After the attack, the radiation had many harmful effects who had witnessed the nuclear bombing. Due to the radiation caused by the nuclear attack, many people died immediately as they couldn’t receive proper medical care. Infants and young children had mutated which caused them to die as well. Many loved ones had lost their lives. Radiation sickness had caused many long terms effects as well such as Cancer and Cardiovascular disease. 

3: Due to the war many people had become spacers (people who couldn’t come to their senses with what had happened). People had become psychologically ill. Shock and horror of events left them overwhelmed and confused, making them unable to speak or describe what was happening around them. Andrew’s father had also become a spacer. 

4: To survive after the war had become nearly impossible and people had to take desperate measures to live. Many had turned into Goths and purples. The goths and the spacers started to kill other citizens of Skipley so they could eat them. They would eat the flesh of humans, many others had started to turn into goths as well to steal other food and resources. They all stole food from innocent people. The land became infertile, and the CDT ordered the civilians to scrape two inches of the soil so that they could grow crops to feed themselves.

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