Summary of the novel White Dolphin

White Dolphin


Kara Wood (a dyslexic child) lives with her father Jim in a fishing village in Cornwall. Her mother Kay Wood, a Marine biologist disappeared, almost a year ago on a dolphin-saving expedition to the Solomon Islands. Since the mission was costly so Jim had to take a heavy loan to make arrangements for the trip. Kara believes that her mother would return back and this faith is endowed by a rare sighting of a white Dolphin which she sees as a sign that her mum is still out there.

Kara and Jim are living with Kara’s aunt and Uncle as they cannot afford to buy their own house. The money is tight so Jim is forced to sell their family boat ‘Moana’. Kara is extremely displeased and sad about this, as Moana is one of her last links to her missing mother.

On the other hand, Kara has a tough time in school as most of the kids are unwelcoming and rude. Jake and Ethan are worst of all as they bully her. Kara breaks the nose of the school bully Jake whose father Dougie Evans owns the fishing trawlers that employ her uncle Tom and many other local fishermen. Kara simply couldn’t stand to hear Jake say any nastier thing about her missing mother or her out-of-work father. 

Kara’s mother had successfully campaigned for a ten-year dragging ban to conserve the local coral reef which is about to expire. Dougie blames Kara’s mother for the loss of his eldest son, Aaron who drowned while fishing beyond the ban limit. Jake and his father wow that they will destroy Kara and her father. Mr Andersen shifts in Cornwall with his family. They have a son named Felix who has cerebral palsy.  Felix is resentful about being forced to leave his friends for a small town of nothing. Felix’s father offers to buy Jim’s boat Moana.  Kara feels betrayed as she doesn’t want Moana to be sold. She has an argument with her father but he says that he has no other alternative. Felix’s father wants to have a test ride with Moana and Jim makes arrangements. Later Felix’s father refuses to buy Moana and Kara takes a sigh of relief. He wants to buy a special dinghy (specially designed for people having CP) for Felix to sail singlehanded.

                                 Kara finds the white Dolphin calf entangled in a fishing net. Felix helps Kara by giving first aid to the calf. The calf had been sneered in an old fishing net, is severely hurt and is close to death. Mr Andersen calls the marine rescue team and they immediately arrive. The calf is cared for in a tidal pool but becomes separated from the mother dolphin. The calf is not in the condition to be returned to the wild alone. The calf has to be separated from her mother and it’s quite heart-wrenching for Kara. In a fearless night dive, Kara locates the dolphin and leads her to the tidal pool where her child is kept.

Kara has her mother’s dolphin-shaped memory stick, which she believes holds an important message. She tried her best but could not find the password for the memory stick. Kara and Felix are trying to stop the dredging ban from being lifted. They mobilise support for a local fishermen’s boycott of dredging, using the plight of the white Dolphin to attract media attention. Mrs Carter and school children want to be a part of this mission and they agree to hold the public debate in the school hall. The whole school involves and children have filled the hall with posters and brochures. Dougie makes an impressive speech addressing the local fishermen and the tourists. It appears he has won the favour of many people when Felix who has found the password for the memory stick plays Kara’s mother’s final documentary about the long-term outcomes of sea dredging. They end up getting hundreds of people to sign the petition in less than two hours. The dredging ban stays.

When the Dolphin calf is fully recovered it is returned to the sea with its mother and Felix shows kara a photograph of her mother before her last dive. It is clear that she died in a diving accident but the news was not made public. Unfortunately, Jim had no finances to go to the Solomon Islands and pursue the case on his own.

On the other hand, Dougie has not accepted his defeat and he persists in dredging the bay. In a fit of fury, he sacks Kara’s uncle for refusing to join him. Kara discovers that Dougie has bought Moana for Jake to participate in the local Regatta. Later Kara hears of a huge great white shark that Dougie Evans’ trawler has caught. Kara suspects the existence of a shark near the shore and wants to see the fish on her own. She sees a grey dolphin in a fishing net. Angel, the white dolphin’s mother is dead!!!

                               The regatta is cancelled due to a predicted storm, but Jake and his friend Ethan persist in taking Moana out to sea.  Felix and Kara follow in the dinghy to save them. Moana jolts in the rough sea and resultantly, Jake falls into the water. They push him inside Felix’s boat. Kara jumps into Moana to rescue Ethan who is unable to control the sails. Moana fills up with water and is about to crash. The rescue helicopter spots them and takes them to safety. 

Mr and Mrs Andersen along with Dougie wait in the harbour for Felix and Jake. Soon Felix’s dinghy appears, struggling with the malevolent waves. Kara and Felix saved two precious souls. 

              This incident has changed Dougie completely. He realized he was wrong and decides to compensate for the loss. He himself signs the petition and restores the job of Tom and the other fishermen. 

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