Brother In the Land – Themes


Theme: Trauma

Danny had been going through a lot of trauma since the war had struck in his home town, Skipley. Many had to learn how to survive in these terrible conditions and Danny too had to learn it. After losing both of his parents and having the responsibility of his younger brother all to himself, he felt overwhelmed and lost. Due to the war and the intense radiation sickness caused by it, young children just like Craig who was Ben’s friend lost their battle with life. Nuclear weapons could not be used defensively, their radioactive fallout killed everyone. Similarly, Mike and Maureen’s firstborn child had been mutated because of intense radiation. Kim and her sister were left devastated because of the loss, and so were Danny and Mike. The leader of MASADA Branwell had also lost his life due to radiation around him. Alec Booth was a trustworthy friend of Danny who had saved him on many occasions, but he was shot by Rhodes. After being taken over by CDT, civilians had to work at Kershaw’s farm in the fields. The civilians had to work to grow crops. Some older workers such as Mrs Nortan had to work long hours without rest or any food. Due to this she had collapsed and wasn’t provided with proper medical care. She lost her precious life while she was working and to make matter worse she wasn’t given any water or food. While Danny was going Badger hunting with Charlie, they went to Mr Carterwrights home where Charlie got shot. He had gotten shot while attempting to swipe the resources of the family. All of these incidents had been building up Danny’s trauma and he was going through a lot for a 15-year-old.

Theme: Desperate times call for desperate measures

Due to the nuclear bombing, desperate times were calling for desperate measures. People had opted for Badger hunting to steal food and store it for the future. To survive, people turned against each other. People had been killed by others. Fights were going on just for scrapes of food just like when Chris and Kim had fought over just a bag of food. Many had turned into Goths and purples. The goths and the spacers started to kill other citizens of Skipley so they could eat them. They would eat the flesh of humans. Many others had started to turn into goths as well to steal other food and resources. To survive, many citizens had forcibly worked at the Kershaw’s farm as slaves. The people had to work hard all day to get only a little bit of food and water. Mr Carterwright had shot Charlie when Danny and he had gone out for badger hunting. He had shot Charlie to save his food supply. Finch had shot all the injured people in the hospital to save the medical supplies. The CDT also had different colour tables for the healthy and the sick people. They poisoned the food of the sick and injured people so they could save up all the medical and food supplies for themselves.

Them: Survival of the fittest

Only fit people can survive these harsh conditions. To survive, it was mandatory to learn the art of survival. The citizens had to do their best to survive. A lot of the people had already started to store resources such as food and water. Danny’s father Richard also had kept big water bottles and he had not sold them to anyone. The CDT were quick to learn survival in the formidable times. They did their best to save resources for themselves. They made innocent people work for them at the Kershaw’s farm. They even poisoned the well so people would have to work at Kershaw’s farm. The CDT was only thinking of their well-being. CDT was also quite resourceful and powerful. They had many people working for them. Kim was also fighting with Chris and Tracey. They were fighting over a bag of scraps of food. They were fighting like many others to feed themselves. They used weapons and were ready to kill each other. Walker and Rhodes had stolen a month’s worth of food supply from the Kershaw’s farm leaving countless hungry people behind. 

Theme: Friendship and teamwork

This play has portrayed many beautiful friendships throughout it. We learned that the best way to survive would be to work together as a team. Danny had become close friends with Kim. They had met each other when Kim was fighting with Tracey and Chris. Danny had saved Kim’s life from them as they had thick chains and they were after Kim for her bag of food. He had a friendship with Kim and both of them learnt the art of survival together. They had worked together in MASADA. Whenever Kim would feel anguished, Danny was there to console her and remind her that everything was going to be fine. Mike and Maureen worked together as a group to defeat CDT. To do that they had gone on many missions together. They even planned to get married soon as well. Danny and Alec Booth had built a great friendship over the years. Alec had shown his loyalty towards Danny countless times. He had saved Danny when he had been captured by the CDT. Danny was also saved when Alec had helped him when they took over the Kershaw’s farm.  Although he was ruthlessly killed by Rhodes even though Danny tried to tell him he was with them. Danny and Ben both were brothers, who loved each other deeply. After the attack, Danny realised that Ben was his responsibility as both their parents had lost their lives. Rhodes had also mercilessly killed Ben after which Danny’s hatred for Rhodes grew. Rhodes and Danny along with other members had become a group and performed the Ambush Plan.

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