White Dolphin By Gill Lewis (Questions/Answers Chapters 13-18)


Chapter 13

Q. Why was Kara annoyed when Jim informed Mr Andersen about the regatta race?

Ans. Jim and his family have participated in the regatta quite a lot of times and won the tournament repeatedly as well. Now Jim is sharing this news with outsiders and Kara doesn’t like it. She is too possessive about her things. 

Chapter 14-15

Q. Did you notice any change in Felix’s personality after the test drive? Yes/No? Prove your answer with a valid reason.

Ans. Indeed, Felix has a noticeable change in his behaviour. He is now pleasant and full of life and vigour. He explored aquatic life and saw rare creatures on the seabed. He proved his mettle by showing his swimming skills. He also controlled the mainsail quite efficiently and skillfully. This experience boosted his self-confidence and showed that he is a multi-talented boy. His gushing smile at the end of the ride told the whole story. He told his mother that he thoroughly enjoyed the trip.

Chapter 16

Q. What was the condition of the injured dolphin Kara found in the cove? 

Ans. The calf was badly harmed. She was probably caught in the nylon fishing net. She had scratches/bruises all over her body. Kara couldn’t hear her breathe which was not a promising sign. There were deep scratches dark with blood all over her back. Her eyelids were dry, parched and tightly closed. She wasn’t even blinking her eyes. Her tongue was blue-black and swollen. Kara observed her carefully and thought she wouldn’t survive. 

Chapter 17

Q. What did Kara do to rescue the calf before the team arrived? 

Ans. She always dreamed of rescuing a dolphin when she was a child. Now when a real injured dolphin was right in front of her she was all baffled. Anyhow she mustered up her courage and examined the calf. She recalled all the strategies she learned from her mother to treat an injured dolphin. She knew the calf would be dehydrated so she brought armfuls of seaweed from the rocks and laid across her body. She dug holes in the sand beneath her fins to take the pressure off the bones inside. She pulled out the green mesh from around her teeth. She scooped water with her hands and dropped it around her wounds. The next task was to prevent her from sleeping; if she fell asleep she would die.

Chapter 18

Q Why was Felix not interested in buying Moana?

Ans. He always wanted to buy a boat which he could operate on his own. That is why his dad borrowed a sailing dinghy through the cerebral palsy charity. It is designed for the Paralympics. He can operate the sails and tiller with a central joystick with just one arm.

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