White Dolphin By Gill Lewis (Questions/Answers Chapters 19-22)


Chapter 19

Q. What might have Kara felt when Carl said,  “She’s (the calf) very sick? Don’t get your hopes up too much.”?

Ans. Kara must have felt helpless, miserable and wretched. She desperately wanted to protect the albino dolphin which needed help. Albino dolphins are already endangered species and very few are left around the world. Unauthorised hunting is causing them to get extinct. 

Secondly, her mother raised her by telling dolphin stories. It deepened her love for them. She has soft feelings towards dolphins. She practically observed her mother working tirelessly to save dolphins. 

     Thirdly, she understands how it feels to be disjoined by your loved ones. She doesn’t want the mother dolphin to endure the loss of her innocent child. 

Q. “I hate it. I hate them taking her away from her mother like this. I feel as if I’m betraying her somehow.” Elaborate on Kara’s words when Carl decided to take the calf to the tidal pool for medical treatment.

Ans. Kara can fully understand how it feels when your loved ones are carried away from you. She lost her mother when she needed her the most. She basically didn’t want both of them to stay away from each other but Carl implied that the injured could pass on some diseases. The calf needed a thoroughgoing checkup by the vet and this was only feasible under the constant supervision of experts. 

Kara felt betrayed because the mother was trying to stay close to her calf but the vast waves swam her away and Kara couldn’t do anything. 

Chapter 20

Q. Why was the injured dolphin kept in isolation?

Ans. She was kept in isolation as she could pass some diseases on to the people. There was an equal chance of her getting some nasty germ from other animals or humans as well as her metabolism was weak.

Chapter 21

Q. Why do you think Kara and Daisy visited Miss Penluna?

Ans. Kara was desperate to ask a few things from the angels. She wanted to know what actually happened the night her mum disappeared. She was desperate to inquire if she would be able to meet her mother again. 

Q. How did Miss Penluna respond to Kara’s questions?  What does it leave Kara with? 

Ans. Miss Penluna didn’t want Kara to stay in her house. When Kara insisted, she advised Kara to listen to the dolphins as they are the angels of the sea. 

Q. Dis Kara get a satisfactory answer from Miss Penluna? Yes/No? Give a valid answer to prove your answer.

Ans. Kara went to her house in the hope to get a satisfying answer but Miss Penluna further confounded her. She was even more confused. bewildered and muddled. Listening to the dolphins is not a very authentic and precise source to get a clue about her missing mother. 

Chapter 22

Q. Why do you think Kara give her mother’s memory stick to Felix?

Ans. She gave it to Felix knowing he is an IT expert and a very reliable person. Secondly, she is now desperate to know any clue about her missing mother. She visited Miss Penluna’s house with the hope she would help her but she gave a vague answer which added to her confusion. Now Felix was the only person she could depend on. 

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