White Dolphin By Gill Lewis (Opinion Based Questions/Answers)

Why does Kara seek help from Miss Penluna to make contact with her missing mother?

Miss Penluna and Kay were great friends and Karas’s mum brought injured birds to Miss Penluna. Kara sought help from Miss Penluna to make contact with her lost mum. She thought that maybe Miss Penluna might have a clue where her mother has disappeared. Kara had also approached Miss Penluna as Miss Penluna herself mentioned once that she could talk to Angels. Kara thought that Miss Penluna could talk to the angels and help her find her missing mum.

Elaborate on the theme evident in this chapter, “Escape from reality”. Also provide an evidence from the text.

The theme of escape from reality means to avoid what is the truth, avoid the reality which is tragic and heartbreaking. In the novel, White Dolphin Kara is sad due to her mother’s disappearance. Moana is also being sold which is the last sign of her mother. She is quite unhappy and didn’t want to accept the reality. She fights to escape the truth and runs away.

Why do you think Kara did not want a lot of people to gather around Angel?

Kara didn’t want many people to gather around Angel because she is too possessive of her. She thinks that Angel should rest and not be surrounded by many people, especially the media representatives. Dolphins are highly sensitive and do not want anyone to invade their privacy.

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