Brother in the land: Act 1 – scene 1 – Summary


Scene 1: The scene takes place in the family’s shop in the town of Skipley where Danny Lodge, Ben, (his younger brother), his mother (Mary), and his father (Richard) are presently dealing with the customers.


The shop is a general store that sells everyday household goods, and at the time, the enemies were threatening to drop nuclear bombs on the area. The citizens of Skipley believe that they are merely threatening and that once the leaders begin their diplomatic talks, the war will be over soon (The characters are not expecting any nuclear attack at all). When the scene commences, Danny is narrating his life story, and it is evident it is not a happy story (something horrifying WILL transpire). A friend of Mary, Mrs Troy is with her son, Craig (same age as Ben, 5 years old) and they are discussing the prices. This illustrates that prices are rising as a result of the threat and that consumers are willing to hoard food for an extended period, and store owners are profiting from this.

Additionally, the government advises stacking food, and Mrs Troy requests large water bottles. But Mary assures her that there won’t be a bombing because the shop is out of them. Then Danny enters carrying a broken Game Boy. From this scene, it is clear that Danny would rather avoid his brother. The woman then discusses Old Kershaw’s Farm, revealing their internal fear and their suspicion of one another as well as the actions of the government. Mary and Richard engage in conversation after Mrs Troy has left. The conversation reveals that they are stockpiling the big bottles for themselves, and have already started the “survival of the fittest” in which the best-supplied man survives. Meanwhile, Danny continues familiarising everyone. He expresses his hatred for Skipley and doesn’t seem to care about it at all.

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