Brother in the land – Act 1 – Scene 2

Scene 2

The action takes place in the school where PE teacher Mr Rhodes is delivering a speech on how to survive a bombing. The workshop’s name is “Protect and Survive.” The previous Scene already made mention of Danny’s hatred toward Rhodes. Rhodes provides the audience with some drills and survival advice, including how to set up camp, wait for assistance, gather supplies, find shelters, avoid radiation sickness, etc. He draws attention to the warning sirens. The assembly is standing as a joke by the students, who are not taking it seriously at all.

They’re giggling and uttering strange noises. They all crack jokes and laugh, which indicates that they don’t take danger seriously. The students dismiss the bomb threat because they have no idea what the future holds for them. The audience is agitated and not serious, so Rhodes calms them down by informing them of the fatal consequences. However, the audience is still unaware of the catastrophe, the sadness of death, and despair, and they are still not serious.

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