White Dolphin by Gill Lewis Summary Chapter 7-8

        White Dolphin by Gill Lewis Summary Chapter 7-8

Summary Chapter 7

Kara enters her Math class and notices someones else sitting in her seat. There is a new boy in her class whose name is Felix. He is the son of Mr and Mrs Anderson. He has cerebral palsy and due to this, he can’t maintain his balance and posture. Mrs Carter decides that special ramps and handrails will be fixed in school to facilitate Felix. During the lunch break, Kara sees white plaster on Jake’s nose who constantly glares at her. He threatens Kara that merely a box of chocolates won’t compensate the injury he has. Kara says that it wasn’t her who sent the chocolates. On hearing this, Jake threatens Kara that soon they will have nothing left. Jake blames Kara’s mother responsible for his elder brother Aeron’s death.

Summary Chapter 8

Kara picks up Daisy from Laureen’s party. Daisy wants to accompany Kara to see the White Dolphin. Kara gets confused as she has promised Aunt Bev to drop Daisy straight back home. Kara offers her ice cream from Zagni’s if she agreed to go back home soon. Daisy agrees. Kara and Daisy find Jake and Ethan in the ice cream parlour. Felix is also there in the ice cream shop. Jake and Ethan make fun of his disability. Felix feels embarrassed and his face darkens. Daisy, watching all this, explodes at the two bullies. She warns them to better learn some manners. She turns at Felix to greet him but he says something that causes her to drop her ice cream. She runs outside sobbing.

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