White Dolphin by Gill Lewis (summary 23 & 24)

 White Dolphin by Gill Lewis

Summary Chapter: 23

Kara is sitting on the shoreline making a sandcastle. She imagines her mother standing in water, smiling at her. It seems she wants her to help someone in the water. Kara reaches back home, wears her wetsuit and goes silently to the seashore to find the mother dolphin. She pulls on her mask and fins and slowly steps into the water. She spots a dolphin in the water. The dolphin appears to be an underwater angel to Kara. Kara recognised her. It was the dolphin she was looking for. Kara was sure she would come to meet her child. Kara swims towards the tidal pool and the dolphin follows her. The baby dolphin instantly recognises her mother’s call PFWHOOSH and replies to her. Carl sees the mother dolphin and passes on the news to Greg.

Summary Chapter: 24

The next morning Daisy wakes Kara up. Her mind is fogged with sleep. She feels weary and her mind swirls with last night’s dream. Daisy is astonished to see her wet hair and surprisingly her clothes lie in a wet heap on the floor. Kara joyfully informs Daisy that the mother dolphin is back to her child. Daisy is equally excited. Daisy’s father reaches home without any wages paid by Dougie Evans. He appears exhausted and depressed. Aunt Bev is troubled. They both have an argument. Kara and Daisy go to see the dolphin. Felix and his dad are there too. The baby dolphin seems a little better. Felix’s dad drops them at school. Kara asks Felix about her mother’s memory stick. Felix informs her that it is password locked. 

Kara meets Sam, the vet who informs Kara that soon the baby dolphin will be released in water. They see Miss Penluna near the Blue Pool. She sometimes brings sick birds to the surgery. Daisy decides that the baby dolphin should have a name and she gives her the name “Daisy”.

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