An excellent essay on “Courtesy” with quotations.

 An excellent essay on “Courtesy” with quotations.

       “Courtesy is a small act but it packs a mighty wallop.”    

                                                                                                  Lewis Carroll.

“Courtesy” means displaying good manners and polite behaviour. One who shows courtesy is called a courteous person. Being courteous is very essential for all of us. Courtesy is also characterised as the practice of ideal moral and social behaviour with others. Someone rightly said, “Courtesy costs nothing, but buys everything.” This moral value has been guiding mankind through all stages of civilization.  

We have to show courtesy in every walk of life. We must be courteous towards our elders, our seniors, our youngers, our neighbours and relatives. It is the law of nature, ” As you sow, so shall you reap.” This proverb clearly indicates that if you are courteous towards others then others will behave the same way. It may not be conceivable that you are impolite, rude and offensive and expect others to behave pleasingly with you. 

“Courtesy is contagious – let’s start an epidemic.”

                                                                                   Evan Esar.

Islam is composed of the right measures of grace, courtesy, and good manners. That’s why beautiful manners are the most important requirement of the traveller of the straight path. A Muslim cannot be both pious and quarrelsome or unkind. A person who offers his daily prayers in mosques timely and with the utmost diligence, but when it comes to dealing with other people in his daily matters, he is the worst person. Then he cannot be considered a true Muslim. 

There is no one in a good manner other than our beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAW). Allah made him (SAW) the best and perfect example for mankind and sent him only for the purpose of perfecting moral values. Allah said in Holy Quran:

     “And indeed, you are of a great moral character.”


A Muslim greeting is a kind of wish, a prayer for mutual understanding, peace and a healthy relationship. When two Muslims meet, they greet each other by saying ‘Assalam o Alaikum’ which means, “May Allah bless you with peace and protection.” Then they shake hands and embrace, which creates intimacy and sincerity. 

    “Courtesy takes nothing but gives a lot.”

                                    Hazrat Ali

Good etiquettes demand that we should not lose our temper in patty issues. On a crowded bus, we should offer our seats to elderly people, women or disabled people. We should always pay our thanks to those who give us helping hands. Pardon, thanks, You are welcome, please, etc words we must use according to the situation. We must avoid negative and harsh comments about the forefront of the guests or colleagues. 

It is parents’ duty to inculcate good habits in their children from childhood. It is important that they become a role-model for their children and show through their behaviour that they are true ambassadors of Islam. The children should be taught to be courteous towards their teachers and elders. One should be obliging and considerate to his neighbours. A teacher should be affectionate, modest and sympathetic to his students. An employer should be caring to his employees, while the employees should be sincere, honest and laborious to their job. 

                                If we become courteous, humble and modest then our community will become a perfect place for all of us. We have to keep in mind our beloved Prophet’s words:

                            “Nothing is weightier on the Scale of Deeds than one’s good manners. “


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