White Dolphin by Gill Lewis Summary of Chapter 11-12

 White Dolphin by Gill Lewis Summary of Chapters  (11-12)

Chapter 11:

Kara is surprised to see Felix at Mr. Andersen’s house. He is the same boy who was rude to Daisy in the ice cream parlour. Mr. Andersen introduces his son to Kara. Mr. Andersen asks Felix to show Kara his upcoming computer projects. Kara reminds Felix that Daisy only wanted to help him in the ice cream shop. Felix tells her that he is not bothered what people think about him. Kara feels that Felix is not happy with his parents’ decision of settling there. He is annoyed with weak internet connection in their area. Mrs. Andersen comes to meet Kara and treats her with affection. It seems Mr Andersen is interested in buying Moana. They decide to have a trial run in Moana. 

Chapter 12:

Kara and her dad are preparing for the test run. Kara informs Daisy that Mr Andersen’s son is the same rude boy who humiliated her in the ice cream shop. Kara and her dad load the important stuff into the boat, waiting for Andersen family. Mrs. Andersen’s drops Mr Andersen and Felix at the harbour. Moana starts sailing smoothly. They slow down towards the mouth of the rocky inlet where they keep their lobster pots. There Dougie Evan crosses them having a sarcastic smile on his face. Kara remembers Jake’s words, 
” Soon, you and your dad will have nothing left.” 


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