White Dolphin Summary of chapter 21

Summary of chapter 21 

Kara and Daisy run towards Miss Penluna’s cottage holding her mother’s memory stick. Kara knocks on the door but unfortunately, no one opens the door. Kara pushes the door open and slowly enters. In the gloom, she sees Miss Penluna standing in front of her. Kara musters up her courage and introduces herself. She pleads to Miss Penluna to help her but she tries to prod her out. Kara tells her that she wants to show something to Angels. Miss Penluna agrees and takes her to the kitchen. Kara shows her the memory stick but she doesn’t seem to be interested in it. Then miss Penluna asks her what is it she really wants to know. Kara asks her the reason behind her mother’s disappearance. She advises Kara to listen to the dolphins. Kara is disappointed as she was hoping to receive a definite answer. Miss Penluna holds her hands gently and says that dolphins are angels of the sea. They are trying to say something to her and she should listen to it.


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